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On Nuia lives those in harmony with nature through their firm belief in the love of the Goddess Nui.
On Harihara, those filled with the spirit of the Goddess labor to shape nature itself. These two continents are where our
story begins. Cut across vast expanses of land on a horse or a snow lion. Board a ship and trade across the great and
mighty ocean. Search far and wide for hidden treasures.
There is a conspiracy that is lurking in the shadows of this world.
Will you be the one to stop it from coming to fruition?
Whether you are training your cannons on an enemy ship or bombarding enemy castle ramparts with a siege engine,
you will be uncovering the secrets of the awakening lands, the Lost Continent, and its former denizens. So, revive the
legacy of Delphinad, the greatest city ever to exist. Retrace the tracks left by the ancient heroes and gods who had no
choice but to travel to the Lost Continent to destroy it.

Races & Factions

ArcheAge is home to six major races: the spiritual Nuians, secretive Elves, and crafty Dwarves share the western continent, while the nomadic Firran, cunning Harani, and fearsome Warborn inhabit the continent to the east.
Loose ties connect the neighboring races, but allegiances are fluid, forever complicated by the whims of pirate factions sailing, trading, and pillaging at will.

Combine 14 Skillsets with 364 class combinations.

Get in close or fight from afar. Wield powerful magic in unique playstyles to rain havoc on your foes or support your allies.

Name Features
Battlerage Melee physical attacks / Buffs up your attacks
Defense Attacks with shield / Buffs up your defense
Occultism AoE magic attacks / Passives which boost Magic Damage
Sorcery Ranged magic attacks
Songcraft Buffs for you and your allies / Debuffs for your enemies
Malediction Magic attacks / Buffs through Malice charges
Gunslinger Semi-ranged attacks / Specialized in RvR
Witchcraft All about crowd control
Auramancy Buffs for you and your allies / Debuffs for your enemies
Archery Ranged DPS
Shadowplay Melee physical attacks / Ranged DPS
Vitalism Ranged magic attacks / Heals allies
Swiftblade Melee physical attacks / Specialized in dual weapons and movement skills
Spelldance Support / AoE buffs and debuffs