ArcheAge Fresh Start Server Contents

Fresh Start Server

Rewrite Your Legacy

ArcheAge Fresh Start Server Date
Dec. 15
Preparation Event

Cute Malamute Battle Pet "Striker"

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Event Details
  • Event Period: Dec.15 (Thur.) until maintenance
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  • Reward: Battle Pet 'Striker' (Fresh Start Server only)
  • How to Claim: Claim it through your Web Inventory after the maintenance on December 15th.

Fresh Start Server Benefits

Experience a fast-paced ArcheAge with special benefits


Receive a Fresh Start Pass / Exclusive Server Boosts / Fresh Start Server Exclusive Event

Service Transfer
1st Anniversary Event

Get a variety of event benefits and celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Kakao Games' service.

Dec. 15 2022

Winter Update Overview

Winter Update Overview Video Open LEARN MORE

Winter Update Overview List

Hiram Dimensional Rift

A grand battle unfolds in the Eastern and Western Hiram mountains!

Hiram Dimensional Rift

Refined Erenor Equipment

Be the first to seize enormous power!

Refined Erenor Equipment

A More Vicious Leviathan

Challenge and conquer your limits!

A More Vicious Leviathan

Arena Shop Overhaul

Use your Honor Points!

Sacred Hiram Guardian Equipment

Event Notice
  • Subscribe to the ArcheAge newsletter during the event period (until the maintenance on Dec. 15) to receive the following rewards.
  • If you’re already subscribed to our newsletter, you will receive the rewards. (You will be excluded from the event if you unsubscribe before the maintenance on Dec. 15th.)
  • This item can only be used on the ArcheAge Fresh Start Server. (It cannot be used on the regular servers on ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained.)
  • The event coupon will be sent to your Web Inventory after the Dec. 15th maintenance.