Patch Notes - April 21, 2022

Apr 20. 2022 Updates

[Content Updates]

     Instances will now become temporarily unavailable upon repeated instance entrance cancellations.

    Drill Camp Arena was changed as below.

    You can now enter the Drill Camp Arena daily.

    Changed the Drill Camp Arena entry time to 11:0023:00 CEST (09:0021:00 PDT).

    Little Witch Pinnacled House was added.

    You can remodel a "Little Witch House" and upgrade it to a "Little Witch Pinnacled House."

    Improved the Faction Activity standards for each server.

    Adjusted the Faction Activity standards based on the current situation of each server, to promote the Exile content.

    Improved the Weekly Quests of Auroria. 

    Combined and improved the "Diamond Shores Guard" and "Guardian of Sungold Fields" quests.

    Combined and improved the "Guardian of Reedwind" and "Guardian of Exeloch" quests.

    Changed and slightly increased the rewards based on the improved quests.

    4th New Server Content Release


    Glorious Lunagem

    Honor Point Lunagem T5, T6 (Luna Charm Rank 46)


[Bug Fixes]

   Fixed the issue where you couldn't acquire XP upon defeating certain monsters of Black Thorn Prison.

    Fixed the issue where Swiftblade's Instinct effect was being applied to the wrong targets.

   Fixed the issue where you couldn't accept the Sea Shanty and Pirate Chants Chronicle Quests when changing your faction upon having already started the opposite faction's quest.

   Fixed the issue where you couldn't Unblock in a certain situation.

   Fixed the issue where the "Desecrated Altar" from the "Unsettling Person" quest was floating in mid-air.

   Improved the guidelines on Farmhand.

   Changed the spacing of Grass Fences.

   Fixed the issue where the quest alert window was not being refreshed upon accepting a certain quest.

   Fixed the issue where you couldn't start the East Continent Tutorial Quests.

   Fixed the error that occurred when appointing a certain ID of at least 7 characters as a Tracking Target.



     The April Lutesong Cherry Blossom Festival has started.

    The Villanelle area will become a Peace Zone due to the festival.