Patch Notes - March 31, 2022

Mar 30. 2022 Updates

[Content Update]

  • A new ArchePass was added to ArcheAge: Unchained.

    • Please check out the relevant announcement for the details.

  • A new content was added to the new server.

    • The Black Dragon content is now available.

    • The Hereafter Rebellion content is now available.

  • The Brilliant Erenor Cloak was added. 

    • Awaken a Mythic or higher grade Radiant Erenor Cloak using the Radiant Erenor Cloak Awakening Scroll to obtain a Unique or higher grade Brilliant Erenor Cloak.

    • You can craft the Radiant Erenor Cloak Awakening Scroll at the Proven Warrior Workbench.

    • The Brilliant Erenor Cloak can be exchanged for another Brilliant Erenor Cloak of the same grade by recloaking through the Transmuter.

  • The maximum stacks for Cloak upgrade material was increased to 1,000 stacks.

  • The probability of getting a higher grade item when using the Unidentified Auroran Synthesis Crystal was increased. 

  • The cast time and cooldown for opening and using Unidentified Infusion items were adjusted to 0.5 seconds. 

  • The Rider's Escape Reset can now be purchased from general merchants.

  • The amount of Wrapped Radiant Hiram Weapons and Armor that can be stacked was changed.

  • Changes were made to Glenn's Conversion Shield skill. 

  • When vehicles go near the feet of the Black Dragon, the Black Dragon will now destroy the vehicles.

  • The Sungold Fields and Exeloch will change from being Neutral to always being in a Conflict or War status. (Glenn & Meina, or Jola will appear at the same timing as they did before)

  • During the Dimensional Rift stage of the Akasch Invasion, the Arcane Sphere, Void Compass, and Scrying Eye will appear 1 time after a certain amount of time. 

  • The maximum number of Pirate participants allowed for the Golden Plains Battle was increased to 30. 

  • The Mistsong Summit dungeon was changed to a global dungeon. 

    • When defeating the superior boss, you can obtain the Dochul's Hatred, Sojung's Grudge, or Aria's Melody buff. When you obtain all of them, you can open up the door to the Soul Well.

    • When defeating the superior boss, you will can no longer obtain the Large Dochul Key, Large Sojung Key, or Large Aria Key.

  • The entry limit to Serpentis was changed to 3 times. 

  • The chance for the "Liar's Truth" to appear during the Sirothe the Infernal stage of Serpentis was increased. 

  • The stats for the friendly NPC and monsters who appear at the Hereafter Rebellion instance was changed. 

  • The Target of Interest feature was changed into a 'friend' feature in which both players must agree to become connected. 

    • You can check your friend's party status.

    • All players previously added as Target of Interest players will be deleted from the Target of Interest list.

  • You can now only block up to 100 players.

    • The players on the block list will be removed from the list if you had more than 100 blocked players, and you can only block more players when you have less than 100 in your list.

  • Invitations and requests from blocked players will now automatically be rejected. 

  • Tutorial Quests and ArchePaper were added to the Guide Rest Area at Mirage Isle.

    • Trade

  • A Cerebral Magic enhance effect will be applied when in the Guide Rest Area at Mirage Isle.

    • The 2 Proficiency types below will be momentarily increased while you have the Cerebral Magic effect.

    • Artistry Proficiency 50,000

    • Language Proficiency 20,000

  • The description text for Stat Migration and Copy Stats was changed. 

  • The Escape skill (from the Basic skills) will now have a cooldown when the skill is successfully used. 

  • The set effects (Health) for the following types of armor were changed.


Previous Value

Change Value

% decreased compared to before

















































  • The below Skillsets were changed.

    • Archery

      • Snipe: Added the Insulating Lens cancellation effect (same as Shadowplay's Throw Dagger skill)

    • Malediction

      • Crashing Wave (1st, 2nd, 3rd hit): Damage was decreased by approximately 5%.

  • The effects for the following Raid items were improved.

    • Soulslake Bulwark, Eminent Soulslake Bulwark

    • [Shadowplay] Insulating Lens will no longer be removed from Throw Dagger.

  • When attempting Machine Component Customization for vehicles or ships which cannot be changed, the following message will now appear: Component Customization is not available for that vehicle/ship. 

  • A description explaining the location where stationary Battle Pets are spawned was added.

  • The "Mutes music played by other characters." settings will now also apply to Songcraft skills. 

  • Added a "Mount my own mount only." section in the Options menu. 

    • Checking this option will only show the mount key (F) for mounts you summoned.

  • The minimap can now be adjusted to 3 different sizes. 

  • The victory icon for Faction Competitions was redesigned to fit well with the minimap. 

  • Class icons will now be displayed next to the names in the Ranking Information UI. 

  • The criteria for notifying successful upgrades was changed.

    • Previous: Divine Lv8

    • Now: Legendary Lv10

  • The category names for the ArchePass was changed.

    • (Name change) Basic ArchePass Unchained 

    • (Newly added) Advanced ArchePass Unchained


[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed the issue where you could not perform server transfer while you have a failed Auction House Bid (Other Bids). 

  • Fixed the issue where you could receive both Nuia and Haranya buffs after being exiled or leaving a faction with Morpheus's Blessing. 

  • Fixed the abnormal Portal visual effects of Ethereal Haven. 

  • Fixed the location of the guard at Skysteps village stuck in the ground. 

  • Fixed the issue where you could get outside of the Andelph central shrine from certain locations. 

  • Fixed the issue where you fell into the ocean in certain parts of Marooned Isle. 

  • Fixed the issue where some buildings of Austera had holes in them. 

  • Fixed abnormal grounds of certain parts of Ipnya Ridge. 

  • Fixed the issue where you could not use the Abandoned Warehouse Exit of Whalesong Harbor. 

  • Fixed the issue where you could not use the Abandoned Warehouse Entrance in certain situations during the World-Shattering Thorn Chronicle. 

  • Fixed the issue where you could use the Mirage Isle Teleport Scroll in some dungeons. 

  • Fixed the abnormal movement of some monsters at the Amaitan Meadows Camp of Eastern Hiram Mountains. 

  • Fixed the issue where you could not do Fishing in certain locations of the Garden of the Gods. 

  • Fixed the issue where you could not use Teleport Scrolls to go to buildings near the Guild Manor (along with the "You don't have permission to access the target location." error text appearing). 

  • Fixed the issue where the Guild Group Mission "Complete Individual Guild Missions" could not be achieved if you complete the "Spend Labor" Individual Guild Mission. 

  • Fixed the issue where Firran's tail was showing when they wore Yata or Cow "Is Too Sleepy" costume. 

  • Fixed the abnormal size of Image Item: Lidless Rage (Staff) when wielded by a male Warborn character. 

  • Fixed the issue where the horn was showing when Warborn characters equipped Customizable Blockhead or Beribboned Customizable Blockhead. 

  • Fixed the issue where equipping the Ipnysh Sanctuary Warden costume on female Dwarf characters changed their ear shape. 

  • Fixed the abnormal landing position for male Dwarf characters when dismounting from Glider Companion: Panda. 

  • Fixed the abnormal neck region when equipping Mahra Tali Jerkin on some female characters. 

  • Fixed the issue where some items were lost when receiving quest reward mail while having a full Bag. 

  • Fixed the graphic issue with Bounty Hunter's Cap when equipped on certain factions. 

  • Fixed the issue where certain raid equipment's status effect could be applied on monsters at or above Epic grade. 

  • Fixed the issue where effects of Ferocious Black Dragon Roar and Wrathful Black Dragon Roar were applied twice. 

  • Fixed the armor equip text for time-limited Steel Lightning and Reefstalker Wyrm. 

  • Fixed the typo in the use effect text for Pecan's Awakening Scroll. 

  • Fixed the issue where the Lunagem Enchant information was not displayed in chat. 

  • Fixed where the Rose Knight Dagger was equipped when in a non-combat status. 

  • Fixed the equip location of the Lidless Rage (Staff) item. 

  • Fixed the issue where level restriction was not shown when receiving restricted items via mail. 

  • Fixed the issue where you could interact with Haje's Prophecy Scrap while having Haje's Prophecies #039. 

  • Fixed the Taiyaki Targe to not disturb certain costumes when equipped on the back of the character. 

  • Fixed the issue where Smackerel could not be searched in the Auction House when listed. 

  • Fixed the issue where the Airain Rock-Solid Chair Design had the wrong settings. 

  • Fixed the UI size of the Faction - Auroria Territories - Select Territory menu. 

  • Fixed the Character mouse over Leadership information to show "Leadership" instead of "Previous Leadership". 

  • Edited the description text for Ellam C skill and Enchant to have more details in their descriptions. 

  • Fixed the issue where you could use underwater mounts to get to abnormal heights. 

  • Fixed the Farm Vehicle's Play Carol music to be played in order. 

    • Added new carols to Farm Vehicles with the Play Carol skill.

  • Fixed the issue where the damage of ship collisions were not displayed. 

  • Fixed Captain's Intuition to have Siege Dmg Decrease upon enchanting it. 

  • Fixed the issue where you could not inflict damage to the wall at a certain location during siege. 

  • Fixed the issue where Stealth was removed when you change weapon during Stealth after using Irrationality. 

  • Fixed the issue where the cooldown for Reverberate did not reset when defeating enemies with a copied Twin Shadow Slash. 

  • Fixed the issue where Corrosive Barrage and Corrosive Barrage: Stone had longer global cooldown. 

  • Fixed the issue where Spelldance skillset was applied during Invincibility. 

  • Fixed the tooltip of Auramancy - Health Lift. 

  • Fixed the issue where using Ellam Powerstone Pet's third symbol while Impaled applied the Sinister Strike combo. 

  • Fixed the issue where you could use Sonic Wave while riding a mount. 

  • Fixed the issue where the fiend summoned from Fiend’s Knell would not inflict Sleep on Enervated targets. 

  • Fixed the issue where Title change was not possible in certain situation. 

  • Fixed the issue where Trade Pack Storage was removed when you use Rotate Building on a Storage Silo. 

  • Fixed the issue where certain furniture could not be placed at the inner walls of the Miner's Farmhouse. 

  • Fixed the issue where using the tracking command sometimes targeted a different player with a similar name in certain situations. 

  • Fixed the issue where the UI was abnormally displayed when you accept a quest as you travel through a Worldgate. 

  • Fixed the issue where the Housing location of Guild and Family Members was not shown on the Map and Minimap. 

  • Fixed the issue where the character was abnormally displayed after the loading screen following certain sequences. 

  • If dungeons can no longer have their entry limits extended through the Superior Grinding Guardian Scroll, then they were removed from the scroll's item description. 



  • The Furious Pet Institution event has ended.

  • Equipment Synthesis Cost discount event has ended.

  • You too, can become a Greenman! event has started.

  • Special Rock'n'Scroll event has started.

  • Double the Gain Event has started.

    • Event Period: Mar. 31 (after maintenance)–Apr. 14 (before maintenance)

    • Double XP, Loot Drop Rate, Quest Honor Points, and Vocation Badges.

  • A free daily Manastorm Crystal Event has started (AAU only).

    • Event Period: Mar. 31 (after maintenance)–Apr. 14 (before maintenance)

    • You can get 10 free Manastorm Crystals per account per day from the Marketplace.