Updates Feb 9. 2022

Patch Notes - February 10, 2022

[Content Updates]

  • The below Skillsets were changed.

    • Gunslinger

      • Splinter Shell - Added Bubble Trap to the destructible structures list.

      • Vicious Rebuke - Added the following to Vicious Rebuke: Shield Defense Penetration Rate 50% at 70% Health, Shield Defense Penetration Rate 100% at 30% Health.

        • Damage increased by 7% and 9%, respectively.

      • Trigger Happy - Using Trigger Happy after Tactical Roll applies Trigger Happy to a smaller area and removes movement debuffs.

      • Showdown - Added Gunslinger Skill Damage +5% to maintaining Showdown.

      • Corrosive Barrage - Changed each stack to decrease 6% and increased max stacks to 5.

      • Corrosive Barrage: Stone - Changed each stack to decrease 10% and increased max stacks to 5.

      • Collateral Damage: Quake - Decreased the defense penetration effect but increased the Max Health damage ratio to 10%.

                ●    Total Damage decreased by 13% compared to before

      • Tactical Roll - Cooldown increased by 1 second.

      • Rifle Mastery (Passive) - Decreased the Gunslinger skill damage increase to 10% and changed the required points to 6.

      • Fight or Flight (Passive) - Changed the required points to 4.

    • Songcraft

      • Life Sonic Wave - Increased the number of debuffs removed to 3.

      • Ode to Recovery - Changed to Received Healing from Charm Combo effect decreased by 10%.

    • Battlerage

      • Whirlwind Slash (3rd hit) - Decreased damage by 9%.


[Bug Fixes]

  • Minimap Size shortcut was changed to Minimap ON/OFF toggle with the minimap renewal.

  • Fixed the issue where the Sea Explorer title was displayed.

    • This title is no longer obtainable, but usable if you've already acquired it.

  • Fixed the issue where using Type Conversion Scrolls seemed to have a different armor type selected for you.

  • Fixed the issue where Defense Penetration was not applied when using Gunslinger's Showdown.

  • Fixed the issue where using Quick March without Loudspeaker changed the user's equipment.

  • Fixed the issue where the Honor Point reward of Arena Reward mail was abnormally displayed.



  • Seol's Request event has ended.

  • A Shy Request event has started.

    • We hope to bring this event to you next week, unfortunately due to a licensing issue it has been removed from this week's update. 

  • Miroir Ice Fishing Festival has started.

    • The Miroir Tundra area will become a Peace Zone due to the Miroir Ice Fishing Festival.