Announcements Jan 6. 2022

Banwave - January 6, 2022

In continuation of our promise to crack down on the more nefarious activities demonstrated by some players, we’ve been continuing our work against RMT, exploiters and abusers.

To make this game a fairer and more enjoyable experience for all players, we have permanently banned a total of 273 accounts today: 


  • Exploiter: 221

  • RMT activity: 45

  • Speedhacking: 7


Additionally, we have given a 7 day suspension + removed the affected item(s) for a total of 282 accounts. The given suspension time was decided depending on how severely the account was involved with the exploit.


We are taking a tough stance on exploitation and wish to remind you that if something feels unintended, it’s safer not to get involved if you wish to protect your account.