Patch Notes - January 6, 2022

Jan 5. 2022 Updates


  1. Fresh Start Server (Nehliya, Kyrios, Kyprosa, Erenor) Content Opening Schedule Adjustment

-   The schedule was postponed until further notice.

  1. The Halcyona Whisper reward was changed.

-   Before:

Bound Labor Recharger x1

-   Now:

Kyrios Krate x1 (Kyrios Badge x6–10 acquired upon use)

Adventurer's Goblet of Honor x1


[Bug Fixes]

  1. Fixed the issue where the item name and description for Serendipity Stone Crate were displayed in Korean.

  2. Fixed the issue where the "Message in the Wind" quest, which cannot be accepted, could be seen.

     3. Fixed the issue where the item list of Sky Emperor's Walking on Clouds achievement completion displayed the wrong information. (Cyclone Parasol → Umbrella Magithopter)