Updates Jan 6. 2022

Limiting Trading Functions of Free Trial Accounts

[About Limiting Trading Functions of Free Trial Accounts]

After today's maintenance, we will limit the following trading function for Free Trial Accounts on ArcheAge: Unchained: 


Secondary Effects


Blocks gifting items at the Marketplace.

Blocks gifting multiple items from the Marketplace cart.

Character to Character Trade

Blocks one-to-one trade between characters, disabling the UI.

Sending Mail

Receiving mail and Tax Payment are not affected.

Blocks mail sending.

Storage (House Decor)

Blocks the ability to use the Storage (Open Trunk) and to Set Storage Permissions (Private / All in the Family / Guild / Open to Public).

Changes Storage Permissions setting from "All in the Family" or "Open to Public" to "Private."

• This is to prevent accessing the Storage through another account after the Storage is blocked.


Prevents the guild leader from resigning.

The guild leader can use this function to sell their guild.

Blocks the Resign function from the Members menu.

Auction House

Blocks item purchases at the Auction House.

Blocks item sales registration at the Auction House.

Housing Trade

Blocks house sales registration at the Auction House, disabling the UI.

Blocks house purchases at the Auction House.

Crafting Request

Blocks crafting request creation.

*Conditions of System Messages You Might See
  • When logging into a character with the limit applied.
  • When you are playing and the limit is applied to you in real-time.
  • If you are performing an action from the Secondary Effects column while the limit is applied.

If the following message shows up  "ALERT - To protect your valuable possessions, you cannot send gift or trade items for a while" please check your subscription time or redeem the the compensation coupons. Please reload your game afterwards.