Banwave - December 30, 2021

Dec 30. 2021 Announcements

We want to reiterate our stance on exploitation and remind people that any unintended use of mechanics, both in-game and through our web inventory system can and will be considered a violation of our ToU. As our work against the exploit continues we want to share the latest numbers and progress of the investigation.

Today, we have permanently banned the following accounts:

*Exploiter alt accounts: 21648

*Exploiter main accounts: 629

In addition, a further 426 accounts have been locked as part of the investigation and more locks may happen throughout its course.

We are fully aware that many of you have been locked for a full week and are waiting for news, however those locks will remain in place until we’ve fully handled all aspects of the exploit. We also strongly advise you to do your utmost to avoid interacting with any item that may have been gained through exploitation. It may lead to your account being caught up in the investigation and also locked.

Update 03/01/2022:

Out of the locked accounts, the following actions have been taken:

  • 102 accounts have been unlocked within the first 24 hours with no further action taken

  • 70 accounts have had the affected item(s) removed and were unlocked

  • 103 accounts have had the affected item(s) removed and received a 7 day suspension

Investigations are still ongoing for the remaining locked accounts, and actions will be taken depending on how severely the account was involved with any exploit.