ArcheAge Game Data Transfer Application Announcement

Nov 18. 2021 Announcements


On behalf of Kakao Games, we welcome all who are joining as a new era begins in ArcheAge.

Hello Inheritors!

As of December 1, 2021, the publishing rights of gamigo's Archeage will expire, and Kakao Games will assume the responsibility of delivering ArcheAge to players all around Europe and North America.

This means that as of December 1, 2021, gamigo's rights and obligations regarding ArcheAge services and the responsibility of managing your game data will be terminated and be transferred over to Kakao Games.

Accordingly, there is a game data transfer application step that everyone must complete in order to continue to play ArcheAge (otherwise known as ArcheAge Legacy) and ArcheAge: Unchained.

In accordance with data protection laws, such as GDPR, everyone that wishes to continue their progress in ArcheAge and in ArcheAge: Unchained will need to complete the data transfer process outlined below. We encourage you to complete the process as soon as you can in order to enjoy a seamless experience. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank gamigo for running the service throughout the years and for the part they played in the history of ArcheAge.

Please check the schedule and procedures below for more details, and if you have any questions about the game transfer of ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained, you can find a list of answers in the FAQ section below. 


ArcheAge Service Transfer Schedule

November 18, 2021: gamigo's ArcheAge game data will be saved up until this point.
November 19, 2021: The ArcheAge game data transfer service.
*Game data means major records of gameplay such as character level, experience, items, currencies, credits, etc. 
December 1, 2021: gamigo's ArcheAge service ends. 
December 2, 2021: Beginning the new era ArcheAge under the stewardship of Kakao Games.
The exact Kakao Games Archeage service start time will be announced later.
The date on which the transfer period ends and the untransferred game data will be deleted will be announced in a future post.


ArcheAge Game Data Transfer Application Process

Step 1: Copy your ArcheAge transfer code

  • Log in to your account through the Glyph store site.

  • Go to the Account > Account Linking page from the top menu of the Glyph store, and copy (CTRL+C) your ArcheAge transfer code from the bottom.

What is a transfer code?

  • Your transfer code contains information mapped with your individual game data from ArcheAge. It is used to identify your game data when it is transferred to us from gamigo.

  • The transfer code consists of a unique combination of 64 hexadecimal digits.

  • Each transfer code can only be used once when applying for a transfer.

  • You can only cancel your transfer request or reapply before the transfer is completed. Once the transfer is completed, you can not reuse the transfer code. We will update the date of the transfer completion.

  • Since it is impossible to cancel a transfer application or use the transfer code more than once, keep your transfer code secure.

Step 2: Log in to your Kakao Games account or create a new one

  • Log in to the Kakao Games ArcheAge Transfer Application Website.

    • If you do not have a Kakao Games account, please agree on Kakao Games terms of use and create an account on the site first.

    • One existing ArcheAge account of game data can be transferred per one Kakao Games account.

Step 3: Paste your ArcheAge transfer code

  • Paste (CTRL+V) the transfer code you copied from the Glyph store to the Kakao Games ArcheAge transfer application site. Then, click the button to proceed.

Step 4: Consent to the game data transfer

  • Read the game data transfer and transfer policy

Step 5: Select a region to get remaining credit balance

  • Remaining credit balance will be transferred to either the NA or EU server and will be available to you once the game data transfer has been completed.

Step 6: Complete the application!

  • Check to make sure you got a message that the transfer application has been successfully completed.

What happens next?

  • When Kakao Games starts the ArcheAge service on December 2, you can play the game again with the game data transferred from gamigo.

  • If you apply for a transfer during the transfer application period, November 19 - December 1, you can play the game freely until the end of the gamigo service on December 1.

  • Content played after maintenance on November 18 is not transferred to Kakao Games, and only the data stored until the maintenance on November 18 is transferred.

  • Cancellation of transfer application after transfer application can be done through the Kakao Games customer support only for the person who made the application.

What happens if I do not register the transfer code before the end of gamigo service?

  • Even after the gamigo ArcheAge service is terminated, as long as you have the ArcheAge transfer code from your Glyph account, you can transfer your game data until the end of the transfer service. The end of the transfer service will be announced at a later date.




Q. Why is the service being transferred?

A. The ArcheAge publishing agreement between XL Games and gamigo for the North America, Europe, and Oceania regions ends on December 1, 2021. Kakao Games has signed a publishing agreement to service ArcheAge in the North America, Europe, and Oceania regions starting on December 2, 2021. Therefore Kakao Games is getting ready to allow ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained players to continue their journey after the transfer of service.

Q. When will the servers open?
Both ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained are scheduled to open on December 2, 2021. We will also be opening our Fresh Start Servers for both on December 2, 2021.

Q. What happens when the service is transferred?

A. Any ArcheAge platform currently run by gamigo games will be closed down. This includes the website, customer support page, forums, social media channels, and Discord. Every service relevant to ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained including the general game service, customer support and other publishing responsibilities will be managed by Kakao Games. You must apply your unique transfer code listed in your account section of Glyph to a newly created Kakao Games account to keep playing the game after December 1.

Q. What is a data transfer?

A. To transfer data means to transfer large data from one party to another. In this instance, it means transferring data concerning ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained from gamigo games to Kakao Games, the new publisher.

Q. Up until which point in time will the game data be saved and transferred over to Kakao Games?

A. All game data from playing the game up until before the maintenance on November 18, 2021 will be transferred. While you can still play through the gamigo service until the service ends on December 1, 2021, the data between November 18 and December 1 will not be transferred. Players who have completed their transfer requests will be able to continue their progress with Kakao Games starting on December 2.

Q. What kind of game data is transferred, and what is the transfer process like?

A. Major records of gameplay and game data such as character level, experience, items, currencies, credits etc. are safely transferred while abiding by the laws of GDPR. The data being transferred from gamigo is data that contains game progress history. Game logs will not be transferred. Also, all personal information like character name, e-mail addresses, IP addresses, or private messages will be excluded from transfer of service to Kakao Games. 

Q. What should I do if I want to continue playing ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained through Kakao Games?

A. If you want to continue to play the game with game data from previously playing through gamigo's service, you must agree to Kakao Games' Terms of Use and create a Kakao Games account. Also, you must obtain your ArcheAge transfer code information from the Glyph website and then register the code at the transfer request site. 

Q. Which regions are the servers located for Kakao Games' ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained service?

A. There will be servers in two regions (North America and Europe) for ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained serviced by Kakao Games.

Q. Are all remaining game credits transferred as well?

A. Yes, all remaining game credits will be transferred. However, you must select the region (EU server or NA server) of your choice to which you want to have your credits transferred. Once your credits are transferred, you cannot move them to another region.

Q. Can I delete transferred game data?

A. Yes, you can delete them. You can reach out to Kakao Games' Customer Support and share your code information to have your account's game data deleted.

Q. Are there accounts which cannot have their data transferred?

A. Accounts which have been banned due to a breach of the Terms of Use during gamigo's service period cannot receive a transfer code, therefore cannot request a transfer to Kakao Games' service. However, all temporary bans will be lifted before gamigo's game service is terminated.

Q. Can I withdraw the agreement of transfer of game data?

A. Prior to the December 2nd maintenance, you can withdraw your game data transfer registration by contacting Kakao Games. After the December 2nd maintenance, you can request to delete it by contacting Kakao Games. In this case, all previously played data will be deleted and you will not be able to continue playing.

Q.  How long can I apply my transfer code to the Kakao Games transfer page?

A. It will be possible to enter the code for at least 6 months. The end of the transfer service will be announced at a later date.

Q. Will current Steam users be able to play on Steam after the transfer?

Yes, you will be able to play over Steam again. But you still need to register your transfer code to a Kakao Games account to continue your adventure.

Q. Once transferred, will ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained both game versions be merged? What happens to ArcheAge: Unchained?

A. Both games will remain as separate services as they are now. 

Q. Once transferred, will the business models for each game stay the same?

A. ArcheAge Legacy will be provided in the same Free to Play model as before. In the case of Archeage: Unchained, the service model will be changed from the existing Buy to Play model to a subscription model that requires you to purchase a periods pass.

In order to remove the possibility to increase in-game power with real life currency, we’ve opted for a monthly subscription method. Many of the previous paid benefits will be automatically included for free and any paid items will be purely cosmetic. The monthly subscription will be set at 9.99 for 30 days. A discount can be obtained by purchasing longer periods.

In addition, we know that many of you paid for either the original purchase or for DLC. This will be compensated with free time to the equivalent value. 



All players

60 Days

Garden DLC players

30 Days

Gunslinger DLC players

60 Days

*The compensation is cumulative, meaning a maximum of 150 days will be awarded to everyone who purchased all DLC. Please note that the above compensation reflects the value of the DLC and not additional bonus items that were included in bundles.
** Gunslinger DLC includes compensation for the server access tickets that were included in the DLC.


There are many other changes as well. Please refer to the notice below for more details.

> Re-introducing ArcheAge: Unchained

Q. Can players make changes to their transfer application once completed? For example, they applied the code XYZ to account (kakao account), but want to change this. Could they revert this?

A. No, you can't change the target account for the data transfer. However you can change the email address associated with your Kakao Games account by contacting our customer support

Q. Should I need to download a new ArcheAge client?

A. There are many changes to the game so it requires a fresh install of the full client. We plan to make it available for download in advance before the service begins, and we will update you when it is available.


Land Rush

Q. Will I lose my lands? If so, will there be a Land Rush?

A. All players will have no land at the beginning. The Land Rush will be announced later on.

Q. How will Kakao Games prevent hacking to claim land once the transfer is complete and servers open?

A. We will be monitoring servers closely. Anyone who abuses an exploit or uses a “land hack” will find their house swiftly demolished, and their account will receive a punishment determined by the Customer Service team.

Q. During the Land Rush, will the housing areas be put into Peace?

A. No, the housing areas will not be put into Peace during the Land Rush.

Q. In case there will be a Land Rush, will Auroria Land Rush be the same time as East/West Land Rush, or will it be staggered?

A. The Auroria Land Rush will not be staggered and will happen at the same time as the normal Land Rush.

Q. In case there will be a Land Rush, will Beanstalks be disabled for the Land Rush?

A. No, it is not possible to disable the placement of a single type of design, including Beanstalks Mansions.


Login / AFK

Q. Will there be a priority system in place for logins?

A. On ArcheAge: Unchained, no, there is no priority. However, on ArcheAge Free to Play servers, there is a priority queue for Patrons.

Q. Will AFK Kick be enabled on the new servers?

A. No, AFK Kick will not be enabled on the transferred Servers.

Q. How many clients can I run at the same time? 

A. You will be able to run 3 clients simultaneously on 1 PC.


Guilds / Families / Friends

Q. Will I need to recreate my guild?

A. Yes, you will need to recreate your guild after the transfer.

Q. Will guilds be reset to level 1? If so, will this be compensated?

A. Yes. However, Guild Leaders will also receive Guild Contribution items and Guild Ribbons to restore their Guild Level. These ribbons will be bound and guild level specific: A level 2 ribbon will move a guild from level 1 to 2. Additionally, the Guild Leader will receive Oath Ribbons to make up for any experience that you may have had prior.

Q. Will I need to recreate my family?

A. No. Family names will be removed due to data privacy issues, but family members and structures will remain.

Q. What happens to my friend list?

A. Your friends list will be wiped during the transfer process, so you will need to add your friends to the list once again after the transfer is complete.




The previous family name will change to ***** and there will be a free family name change ticket.


When you try to log in to the game, you must change your character name to log in your character.


All guilds will be disbanded.


All housing will be demolished.


All names of pets, mounts, companions will reset as a default name.

Teleport Book

All records in the teleport book will be deleted.


The name of farmhand will reset as a default name.

Name of crafter

The name in the item descriptions will change to a new character name that you changed.


Game Contents

Q. Are there any changes in the game as the service is transferred?

As mentioned in the teaser announcement and interview video, from the 12/2 after service transfer, it will be operated with the same game content and updates as in Korea. Some content specifications or items may change during this migration process, and details will be announced later.

Q. What will happen to the items I placed in my house or on my farm?

A. Furniture items in your house will be returned to you via the standard demolition process, and that includes items in chests. Livestock and plants, however, will not be recovered.

Q. If a house is in the process of being built, is it returned as a full kit?

A. It will not be returned as a kit. Only fully completed houses are returned as a full kit. The design of the house that was being built will be returned, but not the materials used.

Q. I'm aging my packs. Will they be transferred?

A. No, Tradepacks placed in the world will not be carried over. We recommend turning them in before the server transfer takes place.

Q. What will happen to my UCC Items?

A. The team will try to keep UCC images. However, Crest Inks will be replaced with Bound Crest Brainstorms if a UCC is applied to it, otherwise they will be turned into 5g per item. UCC Crest Stamps will be replaced with a Memory Ink, and UCCs applied to the stamps will not be preserved.

Q. After the transfer, how long will my items last?

A. Anything you were wearing, anything in your inventory, and anything in your warehouse will be available indefinitely. However, items returned to you by mail will last 1 year in your mailbox if the mail is unopened. An opened mail will last 6 months.

Q. Will I keep all of my in-game mails?

A. No. Mails and personal messages will not be kept since they may include private information. For data protection reasons, mails will be excluded from the transfer.

Q. What happens to my custom teleport list?

A. Your custom teleport list will be wiped in order to make sure no one has an advantage when claiming land on the server. The main teleport points in the game (for dungeons, cities, etc.) will remain intact.

Q. Will all pirates return to their original faction during the transfer period so that they can participate in the Land Rush as was initially the case on a new server?

A. Pirates remain the same. This transfer is similar to a server merge, so the pirates will not return to the original faction.

Q. Will there be compensation for players from Kakao Games for the circumstances of this transfer?

A. There will be compensation for the downtime. Details will follow in a future announcement.

Q. What will happen to Arena Rankings?

A. Arena rank information will be reset.

Q. What happens if after the transfer, there are more than 2 characters on a server?

A. All characters are transferred.

Q. What would happen if I was deleting a character?

A. The clock will keep running for this, so the character will be deleted once enough time has passed.

Q. Will my Farmhand's level reset due to the account transfer?

A. No, your Farmhand will remain the same level and XP after the transfer.

Q. Will my Farmhand lose their weekly Vigor?

A. Yes, the weekly Vigor will be reset for Farmhands.

Q. As a Hero, will I lose my rank?

A. Yes, Heroes will be reset, and no Heroes will be on the council until the first elections. Heroes can manually claim a Glorious Armor Crate, but all Hero Cloaks will be removed.

Q. Will those who were exiled remain in the same faction or will they return to their original faction?

A. Exiles do not get sent back to their original faction.

Q. Is all Leadership reset, and will the Leadership board also be reset? Will there be elections for Heroes?

A. The Leadership Board and Leadership Points (past and current) will be reset. Additionally, there will be a month of no heroes until the first elections.

Q. Since Heroes will be reset, does that mean no one will have castles until the elections?

A. Yes, castles can't be built until new Heroes are elected.

Q. What happens to Prestige?

A. For every 100 Prestige, players will receive a Contribution Reward. Your prestige points will be rounded to the nearest hundredth.

Q. Will there be restrictions on how many houses and farms you can have?

A. No, there is no limit to how many houses or farms you can have.

Q. Will Diamond Shores Bases need to be rebuilt?

A. Yes.

Q. What will happen to Castle Payouts that would have been rewarded in the weeks after?

A. During the transfer, the Castle Payouts will be settled.

Q. What about the Bonds that went to the Community Center?

A. Bonds paid to the Community Center are non-refundable, but the prestige earned through the contribution will be used to settle the residential area fee at the time of transfer.

Q. Will the login rewards be affected on ArcheAge Legacy?

A. The login tracker of the legacy server will be stopped. The login reward content will be opened in a future event.



Q. Who do players contact in case of issues with the account transfer?

A. Please contact the Kakao Games customer support.

Have a question that wasn't asked? Feel free to contact us with your questions in Discord!

Additional questions and answers will be continuously updated.