Patch Notes - April 25, 2024

Apr 24. 2024 Updates


Patch Notes

Content Updates

When "Roaring Astor" appears, nearby guards stationed near the corresponding areas will disappear.

  • Sanddeep- Songspinner Field Ventla's Manor Gate Guard
  • Halcyona- Sun's End East Gate Guard
  • Windscour Savannah- Conqueror's Champaign Skyport Guard

Improved the description of Pet/Mount Soul items. 

Deactivated the Get Credit button in Marketplace and Patron Shop.


Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where the tooltips for the Unidentified Exalted Hiram Infusion and Unidentified Dimensional Hiram Infusion displayed incorrect Arcane equipment grades.

Fixed an issue where items from ArchePass expiration mail were abnormally collected under certain conditions.



ArcheAge Sunset event will take place (until service termination on June 27, 2024)

  • Your XP, Conflict/War/Siege/Quest Honor Points, Vocation Badges, and Loot Drop Rate will increase by 5x during the event period.
  • Alongside top-tier equipment, growth materials like Lunagem, Labor, and Temper will also be provided at the Marketplace.
  • One Faction Exile Scroll can be obtained each week from the Marketplace.
  • All Credit products at Marketplace will be discounted by 80%.
  • Please check the event page for more details.