Patch Notes - March 21, 2024

Mar 19. 2024 Updates


Patch Notes

Content Updates

[Content - Improvements]

Added NPC Exile Broker who sells Nuia/Haranya/Pirate Faction Exile Scrolls to Freedich Island.

  • (1) Freedich Island Southwest Coast: "Disguised Boram" sells Nuia Alliance Exile Scroll
  • (2) Freedich Island East Coast: "Berr (Reading Poem)" sells Haranya Alliance Exile Scroll
  • (3) Freedich Island Northeast Coast: "Ryuchul" sells Pirate Faction Exile Scroll
    • Faction Exile Scroll can be purchased with 100k Honor Points.
    • If a Faction Exile Scroll is not used within 6 hours of purchase, it will expire. If a Faction Exile Scroll is used, there is a 7-day cooldown period upon use.
    • All Faction Exile Scrolls share a cooldown. Your character needs to be Lv55+ to use the Faction Exile Scroll.


Adjusted the rewards for "Ipnysh Warden" in the "Ipnysh Sanctuary" instance dungeon. 

  • In response to feedback from our players, the rewards for defeating "Ipnysh Warden," the 3rd boss, in the "Ipnysh Sanctuary" instance dungeon have been improved as follows:
    • Rewards (Current): Sanctuary Coinpurse
    • Rewards (New): Sanctuary Coinpurse x1-3, Sunglow Lunagem x1, Warden's Manashard x5-10, Sanctuary Enhancer x1
  • Grants the "Scattered Ipnysh Warden" buff effect that helps in Health Regen and Mana Regen of the character within a certain radius upon defeating "Ipnysh Warden."

Adjusted Delphinad Ghost Ship rewards.

  • You can obtain Haunted Chest, Epherium Equipment Awakening Materials, and Delphinad Equipment upon defeating Delphinad Ghost Ship.
  • The quantity of Relic Trade Packs that appear upon defeating Delphinad Ghost Ship is increased to 20.
  • For Pirates, the quantity of gifts through Delphinad Ghost Ship Protection is changed to 10.

Improved the visibility of Black Dragon's "Whirlwind" skill. 

  • In response to the feedback that Black Dragon's "Whirlwind" skill is not visible enough in multiple combat situations, the visual effect of the skill has been improved to make it more noticeable.

Added a feature to change the Danger Level of Aegis Island and Whalesong Harbor areas. 

  • The Danger Level of Aegis Island and Whalesong Harbor regions remained unchanged for an extended period of time, causing it difficult to progress in related content such as "Shadowed Torch" and "Weakened Tower." To address this issue, a feature was added to automatically change the Danger Level to the next level if it remained unchanged for a set time.
  • If the Danger Level of the Aegis Island and Whalesong Harbor regions remains unchanged for 140 minutes each, it will automatically advance to the next level.

  Added "Quick Enter" function to "Sea of Drowned Love." 

  • Added "Quick Enter" function to "Sea of Drowned Love" instance dungeon.
  • Changed the minimum number of players allowed from 3 to 1.

Changed the condition for accepting quest for the following daily contents.

  • Crimson Rift, Grimghast Rift
    • Current: Lv30+
    • New: Lv50+, 3,000 Equipment Points or higher
  • Weakened Tower, Shadowed Torch
    • Current: Lv55+
    • New: Lv55+, 5,000 Equipment Points or higher

[Grimghast Rift]

Manaburst Trebuchet will no longer move during the Grimghast Rift.

Moving alternate characters from the same faction or Manaburst Trebuchet during a peace state would obstruct the view of the "Trebuchet Construction Site" or interfere with its path. Adjustments have been made so that once a "Manaburst Trebuchet" is completed, it remains stationary.

  • We will continue to monitor and improve the interruption issues in the game.


Added "Edit Team" button to modify the requirements for recruiting the Instance Team in the Team Info screen.

Added "Kick from Instance Immediately" feature to immediately kick the "inactive player."

  • Only the team leader can view the menu and use the "Kick from Instance Immediately" feature. Raid Commander cannot view or use the feature.
  • Kick Immediately can be used once every 15 minutes.
  • Players kicked by Kick Immediately cannot re-enter the instance.

Improved team recruitment system to allow participants to prepare for team recruitment before the instance entry time.

  • Improved the matching system in Golden Plains Battle, Red Dragon's Keep, and Kadum Instances to address long waiting times for registration and team recruitment, which often exceeded actual playtime.            
  • The "Recruit/Search" button will be activated 10 minutes before the instance starts, and a banner will be displayed on the top right.
  • Please note that the "Enter" button will be activated from the Entry Time. (Same as before.)
    • Applied to Golden Plains Battle, Red Dragon's Keep, and Kadum.

Enhanced the registration system to make it easier to reapply for entry if there is an unintended cancellation during the registration. 

  • Only applied to instances where all registered participants must accept to enter.  

Changed the confirmation waiting time from "1 minute" to "30 seconds" for quicker entry and re-registration.

Implemented Equipment Points restrictions for entry into certain arenas to ensure fair competition and progress.  

  • Sparring Arena, Gladiator Arena, Drill Camp Arena, Free-For-All Arena

[Akasch Invasion]

Revamped the Akasch Invasion that takes place in the Ipnya Ridge.

  • Shortened the progress time of invasion and simplified the quest in progress.
  • Lifted the restriction of each faction's entry capacity for the Akasch Invasion.
  • Depending on the victory or defeat of the player faction, the raid boss that appears subsequently will change, and better rewards can be obtained when the player faction wins.
    • Summons "Grand General Allu" upon player faction's victory
    • Summons "Elder Nergal" upon player faction's defeat
  • You can obtain Ipnysh Accessories by defeating "Grand General Allu," who appears after winning the Akasch Invasion, or by defeating the Hiram Rift boss.

[Island of Abundance]

Improved the "Island of Abundance" entry process to avoid any situations that would prevent progress.

Changed the entry time of "Island of Abundance."

  • Current: open 24 hours daily
  • New: For the EU region, 23:30-22:30 CET / For the NA region, 21:30-20:30 PST

Updated the notes for using the "Island of Abundance Pass."


Expanded the collection sources for Guild Prestige. 

  • Due to the decrease in collection sources for Guild Prestige resulting from the Dimensional Boundary Defense Raid revamp, new individual guild missions will be introduced to help collect Guild Prestige.
    • [Guild Contribution: Donation]
      • Donate Contribution Crate x10 to Guild Manager.
      • Rewards: Guild XP x4, Guild Prestige x50
    • [Guild Contribution: Devotion]
      • Donate Contribution Crate x20 to Guild Manager.
      • Contribution Crate can be purchased from any General Merchant.
      • Rewards: Guild XP x8, Guild Prestige x100


Restricted the Exile Progress Quest.

  • Restricted Exile Quests
    • Pirate Exile
    • Haranyan Exile
    • Nuian Exile
  • Removed the Dominant/Weak judgment of the factions, and deactivated the buffs granted according to Dominant/Weak status.
  • Deactivated Effects
    • Don't Give Up
    • War Time
    • War Preparations
  • Deactivated Alliance System
  • Deactivated Leave the Pirates System


Sales of Illustrious and Magnificent Equipment will discontinue. Epherium equipment will be available for purchase from Shop. 

  • Existing Illustrious and Magnificent Equipment can be awakened by crafting higher grade equipment from "Salvage Forge" on Mirage Isle.

Following the discontinuation of Illustrious Equipment, the equipment that can be crafted from "Soulforged Equipment" in Diamond Shores will be changed to Epherium Equipment.  

Following the discontinuation of Illustrious Equipment, the quest content with using Illustrious Equipment will be revised to using Epherium Equipment.

Following the discontinuation of Illustrious and Magnificent Equipment, the Proficiency requirements for crafting Crafted Equipment will be adjusted.

  • Magnificent Awakening Scroll: 20,000 (Veteran) > 0
  • Epherium Awakening Scroll: 70,000 (Champion) > 0
  • Delphinad Awakening Scrolls: 130,000 (Virtuoso) > 50,000 (Authority)
  • Ayanad Awakening Scrolls: 180,000 (Famed) > 150,000 (Celebrity)

The Reward Item period for "Chum Expert" and "Cargo Delivery" have been adjusted from 30 days to 7 days.

Increased the Equipment Points for the following Earrings: 

  • Teta Earrings, Jenna Earrings, Xeno Earrings, Kidela Earrings














Ipnysh Earrings (Current)













Ipnysh Earrings (New)














Added high-grade equipment related to specific raid monsters.

  • Black Dragon: Ferocious Black Dragon Equipment > Bellowing Black Dragon Equipment
  • Nehliya: Eminent Soulslake Equipment > Annihilating Soulslake Equipment
  • Leviathan: Resolute Hermit's Equipment > Pale Sea Equipment
  • Charybdis: Termisia's Merciless Equipment > Chilled Equipment
  • Anthalon: Nefarious Dread Necromancer's Equipment > Cruel Necromancer Equipment


The Equipment Points of the Lunagems below are high compared to the Honor Lunagems that can be upgraded, so it has been adjusted to an appropriate level. 

  • Lucid / Radiant Gale Lunagem: Mastery
  • Vivid / Lucid / Radiant Earth Lunagem: Mastery, Vivid Earth Lunascale: Mastery
  • Vivid / Lucid / Radiant Earth Lunagem: Flexibility
  • Vivid / Lucid / Radiant Gale Lunagem: Fidelity


Increased the durability of Farm Vehicles. 

  • The durability of Farm Vehicles has remained unchanged for a long time compared to the growth speed of characters, which made it easy to get destroyed by other characters during Trade and Grimghast Rift contents. To address this issue, the durability has been increased.
  • Also, when using the "Add Additives" skill, Physical/Magic Defense of Farm Vehicles will increase by 25% while active.


Added a new Collection Achievement for Mounts. 

  • Upon completing all achievements, you can obtain "Shining Ruler's Heart" to awaken "Andelph Drakora" or "Onyx Andelph Drakora."

Adjusted Collection Achievement item grades.

  • We have adjusted Collection Achievement item grades as they were too low for their performance and the difficulty level of obtaining them. We hope this will allow players to enjoy the relevant content.
  • Andelph Drakora: Arcane > Legendary
  • Ashen Wings: Sky Emperor: Arcane > Legendary
  • Ellam: Arcane > Legendary
  • Scroll: Strada: Unique > Legendary
  • Tuskora: Rare > Celestial

Added another way to obtain the "Kraken Eye."

  • You can obtain the "Kraken Eye" by accepting the "Defeat the Kraken!" quest near a Kraken and defeating it. However, we added other quests to obtain this item as it was difficult to find one when the Kraken was not defeated for a long time depending on the situation of each server.
    • Blue Salt Brotherhood Is Always With You
      • You can accept the "Blue Salt Brotherhood Is Always With You" quest from "Wanderer Arde," and you must have completed the "Alexander's Staff" quest to accept this quest.
    • Blue Salt Brotherhood's Support
    • Resources the Blue Salt Brotherhood Need


Adjusted the difficulty level of ArchePass missions.

  • We have adjusted the difficulty level of some ArchePass missions with high change rate based on daily mission change restrictions and convenience issues, as it was not easy for the players to progress through these missions.
    • Removed the "Blue Salt Bond Quest x2" quest.
  • Adjusted the completion condition of the following missions:
    • "Kill 10 Higher Grade Monsters" > "Kill 3 Higher Grade Monsters"
    • "Kill 3 Higher Grade Monsters" > "Kill 1 Higher Grade Monster"
    • "Kill 10 Hostile Players" > "Kill 5 Hostile Players"
    • "Kill 20 Hostile Players" > "Kill 10 Hostile Players"
    • "Temper a Piece of Gear x3" > "Temper a Piece of Gear x1"
    • "Use 20 Coinpurses" > "Use 20 Coinpurses or Crates"
    • "Use 40 Coinpurses" > "Use 40 Coinpurses or Crates"

The below expired ArchePass will no longer be displayed.  

  • Basic Pass (Fresh Start)
  • All Basic ArchePasses
  • All Advanced ArchePasses
  • All Grand ArchePasses


Partially changed the "kick" criteria of the kick vote system.  

  • The majority of the participants must vote. 60% or more votes must be in favor of kicking the player.
  • Changed the voting time from 30 seconds to 10 seconds.

Adjusted the maximum number of Powerstone Pets that can be displayed on the screen depending on the [Character Detail] settings (from Options > Screen Settings > Quality).  

  • Low: Only displays Powerstone Pets you summoned
  • Normal: 5 Powerstone Pets
  • High: 10 Powerstone Pets
  • Very High: 20 Powerstone Pets
  • If the Optimization Mode is on, only Powerstone Pets you summoned will be displayed.

[Daylight Saving Time]

We will be adjusting in-game content and event schedules during the March 28, 2024 maintenance to match with the daylight saving time in EU and NA.

  • EU: CET > CEST
    • All in-game content and event schedules will be adjusted on March 31, 2024, at CET 02:00 for EU regions.
  • NA: PST > PDT
    • All in-game content and event schedules will be adjusted on March 28, 2024 for NA regions.


Bug Fixes

Improved the issue where armament disappeared when there were too many participants.

  • Improved the issue where armament disappeared during "Kraken" or "Leviathan" raids when there were too many participants.
    • Applies to: Harpoon Launcher, Shrapnel Cannon, Naval Cannon, Large-Caliber Cannon, High-Angle Siege Cannon, High-Speed Siege Cannon, Chain-Shot Cannon, Multipurpose Cannon
  • We will continue improving issues where characters, NPC, and other game elements disappear when there are too many participants.

Fixed the damage type described in Vitalism and Spelldance skill tooltips to match the actual damage type (Heal Damage).

Added an explanation about the decrease in synthesis effect stat depending on the amount of synthesis XP invested when enhancing damage type levels.

Fixed the geographical issue in Moonswept Bay of Solzreed Peninsula.

Fixed the awkward "Owner's Escape" skill tooltip.

Fixed the issue where effects did not play when using a Bound Erenor weapon.

You can now convert a Faint Galeglow Lunagem: Cast Speed/Attack Speed using a Waveglow Gem Carver: Deflection/Magic Defense or a Galeglow Gem Carver: Cast Speed/Attack Speed.



Added a free event ArchePass (until Sept 26, 2024 before maintenance).

  • Use "Honorforged Medal" to upgrade the ArchePass to a Premium ArchePass.

The Furious Pet Institution event has started.

  • You can accept the quest from "Cheering Cow" at Mirage Isle. The quest will be automatically completed upon fulfilling the quest conditions.
  • When defeating Woof Commander and Meow Commander, make sure you check on their Health.
  • Only faction members can use the "Woof Meow Summon Stone" at Marianople and Solis Headlands. Others can use it after 30 minutes.
  • Anyone can use the "Woof Meow Summon Stone" at Diamond Shores immediately after it spawns.

March Update Gift

  • You can obtain the "Akasch Queen Kina Treasure Chest" at the Marketplace for free.
    • Period: Mar 21, 2024 (after maintenance)–Apr. 25, 2024 (before maintenance)

Check out the details of the "Akasch Queen Kina Treasure Chest" from the Marketplace Arrivals announcement.