Patch Notes - November 30, 2023

Nov 30. 2023 Updates



The Solidarity Token event has begun (lasting until the maintenance on Dec. 14, 2023).

  • A Broken Solidarity Token reward will be added for defeating a boss in a quest at Shadow Invasion during the event period.
  • You can craft 1 "Complete Solidarity Token" with 6 Broken Solidarity Tokens and 100 Labor.
  • You can get a random reward by using the "Complete Solidarity Token."

There will be an event to celebrate the merge.

  • You can get 5 types of free Daru Mission items from the Marketplace during the event period. Once you complete the missions, you can get Event Coins.
  • The Event Coins can be used to draw ball items from the Mystery Claw Machine placed at Austera, Marianople, and Growlgate Isle.
  • You can exchange various items from the Merge Event Coin Exchanger placed at the same areas.

An event celebrating the 2nd year anniversary of Kakao Games' service will begin.

  • You can purchase a "Special Welcome Giftbox: Rank 1" item from the Marketplace.
  • There are 10 giftbox ranks. Each rank has a 24-hour cooldown period for opening the giftbox.
  • Synthesis Fairy Jake will be placed at the Faction Base of Austera, Marianople, and Growlgate Isle.



ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained have been merged into one.

  • Gamigo accounts cannot be transferred after the merge.
  • Please check here for the details.

ArcheAge: Unchained coupon deletion rewards and certain merge rewards will be distributed during the maintenance on December 7 (Thurs).