[September 14, 2023] September Update Intro

Aug 31. 2023 Updates

Greetings everyone, this is the ArcheAge dev team.


Summer has almost reached its end, and now, autumn is about to start.
Autumn is the season of bearing fruit. We hope better, productive days lie ahead of you.


In the 2023 3Q Dev Notes, we will share details about the additional updates and improvements scheduled for September.


* Below contents are currently in development and can be subject to change upon actual release.


Island of Abundance

Let us start by introducing the new Vocational dungeon "Island of Abundance," which was briefly mentioned in our last Dev Notes.

The Island of Abundance was discovered by the Daru, and only those with the Island of Abundance Pass are allowed to enter.

It was designed as a dungeon where you can enjoy harvesting tasks, not battles, for a short time. We hope it brings a new excitement to the game.


1. Background

The cargo ship of a Daru was wrecked in a storm and this Daru was marooned on an island. Losing all its cargo threw Daru into despair, but it had to find a way to survive on the island until someone would come to rescue it.

Fortunately, while exploring the island, Daru found a fruit tree that it could feed on, but then this tree immediately bore fruit the day after it picked the fruit. Daru realized that the island was out of the ordinary when it saw how the tree kept bearing fruit while it kept picking the fruit, and started to explore the entire island.

In the end, it noticed that all resources such as trees and veins never diminished and kept growing, and thus decided to escape from the island by itself.

Once Daru managed to return to Ahnimar, it reported what it saw to a Daru warden and was dispatched to the island again to secure the place. Back on the island, Daru found a tall cactus. As it tried to study the cactus, a Greenman came out of the cactus and asked for help.


2. Basic Info

  • How to Enter: Menu (on the bottom right side of the game screen) > Instance > Dungeon
  • Entry Requirement: Lv55+, 8,000 Equipment Points or higher
  • Entry Time: Everyday
  • Entries: Once
  • Entry Ticket: Island of Abundance Pass x1
  • Allowed Players: 4
  • Duration: 7 minutes


3. Procedure

(Image) Island of Abundance Contents

  • You need approval to enter the Island of Abundance.
    • The approval requires "Island of Abundance Pass" x1, which can be acquired from a mission that's given upon transforming into a Daru.
  • All players who enter the Island of Abundance will turn into a Daru and be randomly assigned to a role (Farmer/Woodcutter/Miner/Gatherer).
    • Your appearance changes while inside the dungeon and does not affect the Daru Transformation cooldown.
  • Each player will go to the Farmland that fits their role and harvest for a set period of time.
  • The harvesting task ends after a while. Next, use the portal to teleport to help "Greenman Songsong."
  • Successfully protect "Greenman Songsong" for a set period of time to complete the dungeon.


4. Progress Details

(Image) Harvests

  • Harvests
    • There are 3 grades of Harvest and the amount of harvest required to earn points varies for each grade.






Grade 3

Small Vanilla


Grade 2

Fully-Grown Vanilla


Grade 1

Mature Vanilla



Grade 3

Young Banana Tree


Grade 2

Fully-Grown Banana Tree


Grade 1

Sturdy Banana Tree



Grade 3

Small Sapphire Vein


Grade 2

Hard Sapphire Vein


Grade 1

Radiant Sapphire Vein



Grade 3

Young Cactus


Grade 2

Fully-Grown Cactus


Grade 1

Sturdy Cactus


  • Reward items are determined based on your Harvesting ranking. Collect harvest as fast as possible and aim for a higher ranking.


(Image) Shining Harvests

  • Shining Harvests
    • Obtain Shining Harvests to get "Productivity" enhancement. You can use the "Incredible Productivity!" skill upon reaching 2 stacks.
    • Use the "Incredible Productivity!" skill to significantly reduce your harvesting skill cast time.


(Image) Portal

  • Going to the Portal
    • When the harvesting task ends, a portal will be created in each Farmland.
    • Use the portal to meet the Trembling Cactus.


(Image) Trembling Cactus

  • Trembling Cactus
    • Learn skills through Trembling Cactus and start the stage.
      • Kill the Bugs! (F) - Learn the "Horizontal Slash" skill. Use the skill to attack Moss Bugs.
      • Defeat the Stonecrabs! (G) - Learn the "Slam" skill. Use the skill to attack Moss Stonecrabs.
      • Help the Cactus! (H)
        • Becomes available when 2 or more players learn the Horizontal Slash/Slam skill.
        • Trembling Cactus will disappear upon interacting with it and "Frightened Greenman Songsong" will appear.


(Image) Greenman Songsong

  • Frightened Greenman Songsong
    • Moss Bugs and Moss Stonecrabs will continuously appear around to attack Greenman Songsong.
    • Use Horizontal Slash to kill Moss Bugs and Slam to kill Moss Stonecrabs.
    • Shining Moss Bugs and Shining Moss Stonecrabs that sometimes appear have a higher Stamina and deal greater damage to Greenman Songsong.
    • When Greenman Songsong's Stamina reaches 60% (or lower) or 30% (or lower), Shining Hoverbloom Flowers will change into Withered Hoverbloom Flowers.


(Image) Hoverbloom Flower

  • The grade of the Treasure Chest you get will vary depending on the number of remaining Shining Hoverbloom Flowers.

Number of Hoverbloom Flowers

Greenman Songsong's Remaining Stamina

Treasure Chest


Over 60%

Songsong's Precious Treasure Chest


Over 30%

Songsong's Common Treasure Chest


Under 30%

Songsong's Old Treasure Chest



Songsong's Broken Treasure Chest


5. Rewards

  • Harvesting Rewards
    • Reward items are determined based on your Harvesting ranking and will be sent via mail upon dungeon completion.
      • 1st place: Honorable Vocation Potion Rank 5 x1, Coin of Abundance x10
      • 2nd place: Honorable Vocation Potion Rank 5 x1, Coin of Abundance x9
      • 3rd place: Honorable Vocation Potion Rank 5 x1, Coin of Abundance x8
      • 4th place: Honorable Vocation Potion Rank 5 x1, Coin of Abundance x5
  • Songsong's Treasure Chest
    • The grade of the Treasure Chest you get will vary depending on Greenman Songsong's remaining Stamina.
    • A Treasure Chest basically provides production materials. All Treasure Chests except Broken Treasure Chest give you a "Blue Salt Bond".


Noryette Arena

Noryette Arena is a 3vs3 arena where you can compete using your gear and skills only, without any geographical or gameplay restrictions. We hope it satisfies the thirst of those who have been waiting for a team PvP arena.

(Image) Noryette Arena


In Noryette Arena, the matchmaking is done randomly regardless of faction and the team that wins 2 rounds out of 3 rounds first becomes the final winner.


(Image) Noryette Arena Minimap


1. Basic Info

  • How to Enter: Menu (on the bottom right side of the game screen) > Instance > Arena
  • Entry Requirement: Lv55+, 10,000 Equipment Points or higher
  • Entry Time: Everyday CEST 15:30 ~ 16:30 / 17:30 ~ 18:30 / 22:30 ~ 23:30 (PDT 13:30 ~ 14:30 / 15:30 ~ 16:30 / 20:30 ~ 21:30)
  • Entries: Twice, must use "Bruiser's Badge" for additional entries


2. Rewards

  • Winning Team
    • Kyrios Badge x16
    • Radiant Infusion Supply Kit x3
  • Draw/Losing Team
    • Kyrios Badge x10
    • Radiant Infusion Supply Kit x3


Naval Content Improvement

We are planning to update some of the game's naval contents by adding conflicting elements, improving the existing rewards, among others, to allow you to enjoy these contents better.


1. Rangora Raid Rewards Improved

We will add a reward that can be obtained by defeating Rangora.

We have set "Ipnya's Blessing" as a drop reward and defeating Rangora will generate 5–10 "Pirates' Hidden Relics."

Defeating Rangora the Oathbound will also generate "Pirates' Hidden Relic" and you will get between 10–20 relics.

The relics are carried in trade packs. Complete the quest from the Relic Merchant at Diamond Shores upon obtaining the relics to get "Relic Return Reward."


2. Salvaging Ancient Cargo Ship

There is a chance that a "Salvaged Ancient Cargo Ship" whose salvaging process has been removed will appear at the point where Broken Lifeboat is found.

When Salvaged Ancient Cargo Ship appears, its coordinates will be shared to all factions via world message.

(Image) Broken Lifeboat (Left) & Salvaged Ancient Cargo Ship (Right)


3. Advanced Fishing on Freedich Island Improved

We will improve the rewards of Advanced fishing, available for Famed proficiency.

Considering that Advanced fishing is a high-tier content available in a PvP region, we have set a stable income and added a chance to get a great reward for this content.

You will not only get a stable income, but also obtain rewards such as beautiful fish to whet your appetite for collecting, fish that can be grown (Small Sunfish), achievement, and title.

(Image) Famed Fisherman's Aquarium



1. Skill Balance Adjustment

Skills for some skillsets will be balanced and added through the September update.

  • Sorcery
    • Changed the acquisition level and the required Skill Points for Frigid Tracks and Chain Lightning.
      • Frigid Tracks
        • Before: Can be acquired at Lv45 / Required Skill Points: 0
        • Now: Can be acquired at Lv55 / Required Skill Points: 6
      • Chain Lightning
        • Before: Can be acquired at Lv55 / Required Skill Points: 6
        • Now: Can be acquired at Lv45 / Required Skill Points: 0
    • Decreased Freezing Arrow's Freeze duration.
  • Swiftblade
    • Improved Rending Mastery.
    • Added the Ancestral skill - Primal Strike: Life.
  • Gunslinger
    • Decreased Collateral Damage: Quake's max number of targets.

The skills will be reset due to magic skill level adjustment. Please note that, with the reset, an event that concerns skill reset and skillsaver cost will take place.


2. Convenience Improvements

1. Lock Item Position

We will add an item position lock feature to improve on the issue where the set position of all your items became messy when sorting items in your bag.

(Image) Lock Item Position button in your bag


Click on the button and the Lock Item Position pop-up window will appear.

(Image) Lock Item Position UI

  • Click on the Lock/Unlock Item Position icon
    • The mouse cursor will change into Lock Item Position mode.
    • Clicking on an item in your bag while in Lock Item Position mode will lock the position of the selected item and change its outline.

      (Image) Left: changing the mouse cursor, right: Lock Item Position outline
    • Clicking on an item whose position has been already locked while in Lock Item Position mode will unlock the position of this item.
  • Unlock All Item Positions
    • Clicking on the Unlock All Item Positions icon will unlock the position of all items in your bag.
  • The Lock Item Position details will stay even if you restart the game.


2. System Message Location

We will improve on the issue where certain system messages and the quest objective count message overlapped because they appeared in the same location.
We hope this improvement allows the players to read the relevant texts more easily.

We will also add a feature whereby you can turn on/off the commander chat from Options.

Go to Options > Game Settings - Functionality and check/uncheck the box to turn on/off the chat.

(Image) On/off settings for Commander Chat


3. Addition of Brilliant Transparent Daru Costume

We will add "Brilliant Transparent Daru Costume" that can be acquired by awakening "Shining Transparent Daru Costume."

Use an Awakening Scroll of the same grade as the costume to awaken it.
You can obtain a total of 4 types of effects, including a synthesis effect that's added upon awakening the costume, and your effect will increase significantly.

  • Obtaining Awakening Scrolls
    • Exchange the "Coins of Abundance" that can be acquired as rewards on the new Vocational dungeon, Island of Abundance, for the scrolls from Coin Collector Sopere.
      • Shining Daru Costume Awakening Scroll: Legendary
      • Shining Daru Costume Awakening Scroll: Mythic
      • Shining Daru Costume Awakening Scroll: Eternal

(Image) Shining Daru Costume Awakening Scrolls

  • Awakening Cost
    • Shining Daru Costume Awakening Scroll x1 of each grade
    • 300 Labor
  • Awakening Chance
    • Basic Success Rate of 30%
    • Failure Bonus of 10%, no damage



In addition, we are working to improve on gameplay and convenience issues to provide you a pleasant environment.

Please look forward to the update we are preparing for this winter whereby you can further enjoy combats in the game.

We will try our best to bring you more interesting contents and updates as to repay your love and support for ArcheAge.

We will be back with the September update soon.

Thank you.