[June 22, 2023] June Update Intro

Jun 9. 2023 Updates

Greetings everyone, this is the ArcheAge dev team.


It's been getting hot lately, and we hope everyone is staying cool and healthy.


We'd like to share what's coming for the June update, which we hope will help you kick the summer off to an energetic start!


* Below contents are currently in development and can be subject to change upon actual release.


■ The Resourceful Daru



As mentioned from our previous update preview, the new transform system, "Daru," will be introduced in the June update.


At first, the dev team considered making Daru a new race, but then as we were thinking about Daru's backstory, we decided a more "herbivorous" style of life would suit Daru better. This is because Daru hates to fight and likes money, and Daru's role and play style suits a herbivorous style better.


Therefore Daru will take the form of a transformation system like the below.


When you use the Daru Transformation skill, your character's appearance changes into the appearance of "Daru" throughout the duration of the skill. Once transformed, it will boost your efficiency in non-combat activity such as Vocation activity in the game.


We hope you'll enjoy the new Daru Transformation system!

(Image) Daru


1. Backstory


The Darus became jealous of others were making profit off of illegally distributed race transformation elixirs, so they began to make one of their own.


After hearing rumors that there's a Harani who is an expert with herbs and magic, the Darus do everything they can to find the Harani. They even draft up an oath promising the Harani unparalleled research support so that they could recruit the specialist.


The Harani is convinced by their recruiting efforts and support, thus decides to accept their request to work with them. The Harani studies the Daru race and finally completes the Daru Transformation Scroll.


2. How to Transform


You can obtain the "Daru Transformation Scroll" through a quest you can get upon meeting certain conditions. Once you use the scroll, you permanently get the [Daru Transformation] skill.


You can transform into Daru once you use the skill. You'll return back to normal after the skill's duration ends or when you use the skill again, and a cooldown will apply.


The Daru Transformation skill can be found at the skill window > Basic > Basic Abilities.


(Image) Daru Transformation Skill


3. Transformation

1) Basic transformation effects

① Daru exclusive costume stats/appearance effects will apply

② Increases Move Speed when riding Donkey mount while equipped with Trade Pack

③ Underwater Breathing available

④ Swim Speed +20%

⑤ Can use Daru Specialty Preservation Bag

▶ Can handle Local Specialty 7 times per week regardless of Value of Specialty

⑥ Additional damage for "Big Reel In" at the Mirage Isle Fish-Fest

⑦ Below actions are restricted

▶ Use of all combat skills excluding basic skill

▶ Use of racial skills (including Dwarf's Juggernaut, Warborn's Ravager skills)

▶ Entering instances


2) Daru Costumes

Upon transforming into Daru, 2 Daru exclusive costume slots will be added in the Character Info window.

Just like the existing costume slots, the left slot is for performance and the right slot is for equipping appearance costumes.


(Image) Daru costume equip slots


① Performance costumes

▶ These are transparent costumes that only add performance changes. These costumes do not change your appearance. Performance costumes have stats that help vocations, and these effects will only apply when you are transformed as Daru.

▶ There will be stats such as Harvesting boosts and Labor cost reduction for Harvesting. The boost does not apply for greenhouses, fields, veins, or pens.


② Appearance costumes

▶ These are costumes that changes Daru's appearance. They're only used for cosmetics, and does not have any effects.


(Image) Daru appearance costume


■ Flag War


The second update we'd like to introduce is a new arena that involves stealing flags.


There will be a test run for 4 weeks, and then our plan is to collect your feedback and then have an improved version always available for you to play.


Flag War is a 10 vs. 10 war where there are no factions. The team that takes more flags to their own area or the team that defeats the most enemies wins.

(Image) Flag War aerial view


1. How to enter

1) Entry Time: daily at CEST 17:00–18:00, 22:00–23:00 (PST 15:00–16:00, 20:00–21:00)

2) You can enter through the Arena > Flag War menu within the Instances UI

3) Teams

① Teams are divided into Red Team and Blue Team (no factions)

② You will automatically be placed into your teams when you enter

③ All faction languages are supported within the arena


2. Procedure


1) Neutral flags will appear at a specific area when the game begins.

(Image) Neutral flags


2) When you pick up a neutral flag, it will be placed onto your back and change into your team's color.

① When you equip the flag, your movement speed decreases and you cannot use Gliders/Magithopters. However, you can use the Dash skill.

② If you put down the team flag or die while you have the flag equipped, the flag will drop in place.

▶ If an ally interacts with the flag that was placed on the ground, then the flag will be recovered.

▶ If an enemy interacts with the flag that was placed on the ground, then the flag will be destroyed.


(Image) Flag equipped (left) / flag placed on the ground (right)


3) You can get points by returning the flag to your Flag Return Site.

(Image) Returning the flag


3. Special areas


There will be special areas around the arena where you can get special buffs.


1) Blessing area

- This is an area where you randomly get one of the buff effects below.

① Move speed increase

② Received Damage Reduced

③ Debuff Immunity

④ Invincibility

(Image) Blessing area


2) Stealth bush

- You'll become stealthed when inside the glowing bush.

① The size of the bush determines how many players can be stealthed.

▶ Large bush: 3 players

▶ Small bush: 1 player

② Stealth will cancel if you attack or get hit by an attack.

③ Once your stealth is canceled, you cannot stealth again for a certain amount of time.


(Image) Stealth bush


4. Winning conditions


1) Be the team to first get 250 points

2) Have more points by the end of the 15-minute duration of the match.

① Points for returning a flag: 10 points

② Points for killing an enemy: 2 points


■ Global arena beta service


The "Make a Splash" global arena beta service we mentioned in our previous update preview announcement will be available in June as well.


Players from the four service regions of Korea, Asia, North America, and Europe can make teams and participate in the arena together.


The global arena will be marked as a globe icon within the Instances UI.


(Image) Global arena


1. How to enter


1) Entry Time: tentatively Saturdays and Sundays (there could be difference in times when you can enter due to time differences from different regions.)

2) You can enter through the Arena > Make a Splash menu through the Instances UI.


2. Procedure


The procedure is the same as the existing Make a Splash arena.


1) When you enter the arena, you can select one of 3 paint colors, each with their own attributes, and start the battle. The battle will be a 3 vs. 3 battle.

2) The team that gets 10 kills first within the 5-minute time limit or the team with the higher score at the end wins.

3) You can participate multiple times, but you can only get rewards up to 3 times.


After the global arena beta service, we will improve the arena and expand the instances so that adventurers from many regions can enjoy the content.


■ Other


1. Skill balance changes


Skills for some skillsets will be balanced and added through the June update.


After receiving your feedback through many different channels, we decided to balance the "tank" classes and add skills that can counter other classes.


The balance update will be like the following.


1)  Adjustments will be made to certain Auramancy and Malediction skills

2) An Ancestral skill of another skillset that can counter Defense and Auramancy will be added

3) Will decrease the stats for Shaken and Distressed to mitigate combats from being too heavily focused on Shaken and Taunts, and to allow for more action-packed combat.

4) Some other skills will also be adjusted


2. Ancestral skill applied to Skillsaver


Ancestral skill will also be applied when using Skillsaver.


Ancestral skills did not save before and had to be adjusted when using Skillsaver, therefore we hope that through this change you can engage in combat with more ease.


3. Changes to Skillset/skill costs


Along with Ancestral skills being applied for Skillsaver, the Ancestral Level info will now be applied to the costs of resetting or changing skillsets/skills.


Therefore, just like how level increase would result in an increase in costs, there could be a small increase in costs as Ancestral Level increases.


4. Quality of life improvements

1)  Title search feature

- We will add a feature that will allow you to search titles.

- You can search through a title search window which will auto-complete as you type in the title you're searching for.


(Image) Title search


2)   Erenor Wings display

- We will add a feature that allows you to toggle the wing effects which are automatically granted when you complete the Erenor Wings set of 7.

- You can toggle this feature through the [Character Display Settings] within the Character Info window.

- You can adjust it so that the Erenor Wings are not visible.


(Image) Show Erenor Wings


3)   Preview improvements

- You can now zoom-in / zoom-out / turn in all directions when viewing the preview

- This will be applied to all the features that have the preview feature: Marketplace, Item Encyclopedia, View Equipped Gear, Farmhand, Dye Preview


(Image) Preview improvements


4)   Removing item consumption for switching to Ancestral Level

- The Honorforged Medal consumption settings will be removed from the process of moving on to Ancestral Levels from Lv55.

- Ancestral content is an important change you go through in ArcheAge, but this was acting as a barrier to your growth, so we hope you can take an easier step forward as an Ancestral player going forward.


■ Lastly... 


There will also be a variety of updates such as updates for adding furniture exclusive for Guild Housing.


We're paying close attention to your feedback coming from various channels such as the official Discord server, so we hope you continue to provide feedback.


We thank you all for your love and support. We'll try our best to provide a great environment for an event better ArcheAge life.


Thank you.