Patch Notes - March 23, 2023

Mar 23. 2023 Updates

Patch Notes

Content Updates

[Time Adjustments]

  • The schedules that were based on CET and PST will now be based on CEST and PDT after the maintenance.
    • We will be scheduling the content operations to take place an hour earlier to match with the daylight saving time in EU and NA.


  • A feature was added to add level and Equipment Point restrictions for joining Instance Teams.
    • We added this feature to alleviate the inconvenience of having to check each and every recruitment's Equipment Points.
    • The default restrictions will be equal to the level and equipment point restrictions for initially entering the instance.
  • The Fall of Hiram City was improved.
    • The Entry Time was changed, and the duration was shortened. The modes were also merged into one.
  • When you defeat Ipnysh Warden, a Worldgate leading to the Atrium of the Immortal Entrance will open up at the instance's entrance.


  • The Family list can now be sorted the way you want.
    • You can now have the list automatically sort by the list you select when using the Family Community UI.
    • Each list is sorted by Ascending / Descending order, and is sorted by name if the values in the lists are the same.
    • Along with the addition of the feature of sorting the Family list, a "Expand Family" button was added at the bottom of the UI when using the Expand Family feature.
  • The chat window's legibility was improved.
    • We wanted to improve the issue where it was difficult to differentiate the chat for Commander/Raid General/Hero. Therefore different icons will now appear in front of the character name when chatting with players who hold certain positions.
      • Applied to: Hero, Guild Leader, Commander, Raid General, Raid Commander, Team Lead, Party Leader, Steward
    • We also removed the bracket and seconds unit that were displayed for the chat times in order to improve legibility.


  • Further improved the issue where NPCs would disappear when there were too many participants.
    • We have fixed the rendering issue where quest start/completion NPCs would disappear when there were too many participants in a certain region while playing one of the 4 main daily quest contents (Crimson Rift, Grimghast Rift, Shadowed Torch, or Weakened Tower). Affected contents are as below:
      • Crimson Rift: Nui's Shield Recruiter at the Cinderstone Moor/Ynystere region
      • Weakened Tower: Raiko
      • Shadowed Torch: Scout Gaon
      • Thunderwing Titan Competition: Combat Leader Dylia
      • Faction Competition: Hermi / Onne
      • We are planning on improving the issue for the daily/weekly quest NPC at Western/Eastern Hiram Mountains in the future as well.
  • Fixed the issue where content could be interfered in certain areas using plants.
    • Plants can no longer be installed in the following areas due to the potential for interrupting gameplay: areas around Community Center Specialty Workbench, Ynystere Crimson Rift/Grimghast Rift/Shadowed Torch/Weakened Tower content areas, Hiram Rift content areas.
  • The Great Prairie of the West will no longer have a Peace time period, so it will now always be a Conflict region.
    • It will change into a War status during Guardian Scramble.
  • A Warehouse Manager was added to the Ethereal Haven.


  • Acceptable quest groups were merged.
    • To mitigate the issue where you could not accept more than a certain number of quests per group due to restrictions to the number of quests you can accept per quest group, we merged the quest groups like the following.
      • Before: Race 2 / Daily 50 / Weekly 20 / Hunting 10 / Bundle 10 / Vocation 10 / General 50
      • Now: Race 2 / Common 150
        • The Common category will display General, Daily, Weekly, and Vocation subcategory quest groups. You can accept 150 in the Common category regardless of the number of subcategories.
  • Improvements were made to the Settling a Score quest (a part of the "An Ancient Artifact quests") so that the quest is more convenient to go through.
    • The Soul Extraction time was adjusted like the below, taking into consideration the increase in difficulty to complete the quest due to the peace status of the Western Hiram Mountains being removed and interruptions when defeating monsters in the middle of Soul Extraction.
      • Cast Time: 1 sec -> 0 sec / Channeling duration: 9 sec -> 1 sec
  • Improved the issue where interacting with the "Iron Chef 400" was difficult during the Hereafter Rebellion and Dancing with the Machines quests due to the difference in sizes of each race.
    • We expanded the interaction range of the "Iron Chef 400" for the Dancing with the Machines quest due to the difference in sizes of the Dwarf and Warborn characters.
  • Added a quest that can only be accepted while the Don't Give Up buff is active in the Hiram Rift content.
    • To mitigate the issue where it was difficult for weak factions to complete the daily quest goal in the Hiram Rift content, we added a quest that can only be accepted while the Don't Give Up buff is active.
    • The existing quest and quest for weak factions cannot be done simultaneously. If either one of them was already completed, then the other quest cannot be done.
    • The quest's difficulty level is lower compared the the existing quest, and the rewards are also relatively lower.
  • The way you accept the Aegis Island quest was changed.
  • Some of the rewards that were given through achievements in the tutorial were changed to be rewarded through tutorial quests rewards instead.
  • Hunting Quests accepted through Signposts were discontinued.
  • Improved the spawn time for Serpent Eggs in the Cracking Eggs quest at Ipnya Ridge.

[Faction War]

  • The Skyfin Nest Arena was re-opened.
    • Improved the issue where there were restrictions for using gliders.
  • The Golden Plains Battle and Skyfin War can be accessed during their fixed schedules.

EU(CEST) Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Skyfin Nest Skyfin Nest Golden Plains Battle Skyfin Nest Golden Plains Battle Skyfin Nest Golden Plains Battle
Skyfin Nest Skyfin Nest Golden Plains Battle Skyfin Nest Golden Plains Battle Skyfin Nest Golden Plains Battle
Golden Plains Battle Golden Plains Battle Skyfin Nest Golden Plains Battle Skyfin Nest Golden Plains Battle Skyfin Nes


NA(PDT) Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Skyfin Nest Skyfin Nest Golden Plains Battle Skyfin Nest Golden Plains Battle Skyfin Nest Golden Plains Battle
Golden Plains Battle Golden Plains Battle Skyfin Nest Golden Plains Battle Skyfin Nest Golden Plains Battle Skyfin Nes
Skyfin Nest Golden Plains Battle Skyfin Nest Golden Plains Battle Skyfin Nest Golden Plains Battle Skyfin Nest


  • You can no longer make an Instance request when in a "Barred from Arena" status.
  • If you are in combat, have a Trade Pack, are summoning something, or your character is dead, you cannot enter the Arena and will now receive a penalty if you are in the process of registering for the Arena.


  • Added the Enthusiastic Achiever and Diligent Spender rankings.
    • Enthusiastic Achiever
      • Ranks based on amount obtained
      • Type: Honor Points / Vocation Badges / XP
    • Diligent Spender
      • Ranks based on consumption
      • Type: Honor Points / Vocation Badges / Labor
  • Ranks are tallied up by month, and Activity Coins are provided as rewards.
  • Activity Coins can be exchanged through Contest Coin Collector Sopere at Mirage Isle.


  • There will now be a transformation effect when using Refined Erenor Weapon.
  • Added PvE Healing Skill Damage to Sacred Hiram Guardian Weapons.
  • Added Brilliant Erenor Accessories.
    • Can be obtained by using Radiant Erenor Awakening Scroll / Blessed Erenor Awakening Scroll on Radiant Erenor Accessories.
  • You will now get a different amount of Gold when using Ancestor's Coinpurse, Garden Coinpurse, and Zealot's Coinpurse depending on your Equipment Points.
  • Added 4 new Enhancers:
    • Ancestral World Boss Infusion
    • Ancestral Hiram Infusion
    • Ancestral Erenor Infusion
    • Ancestral Abyssal Enhancer


  • Improved the standard for earning Faction Activity Points.
    • The standard for earning Faction Activity Points is private.
  • Faction Activity Points will no longer be visible.
  • The capacity for Exile will increase depending on the Faction situation.
  • The Exile capacity was increased by 10, compared to before.


  • Added "Grade" column to the Members tab and changed the name of some columns.
  • Added a new item to the Prestige Shop:
    • Guild Elixir: Advance
      • Reduces the costs of tempering for members within a 20m radius by 10% for 30 min.
    • Guild Elixir: Growth
      • Reduces the costs of regrading for members within a 20m radius by 10% for 30 min.


  • Added "Healing Skill Additional Healing" section to Character Info - Details - Heal.
  • Added "PvE Healing Skill Damage" to Character Details.
    • Additional damage dealt by a Healing Attack in a PvE encounter as a percentage of base damage.
  • Applied weekly purchase restrictions to "Bound Serendipity Stone" and "Bound Worn Costume," available at the Honor Point Shop.
  • Improved the Brilliant Erenor and Refined Erenor equipment icons so that they can be easily distinguished.
  • Added "Special Product" category to the Auction House.
    • This category will not be actively utilized for the time being, and we will notify you in future Patch Notes when items are planned to be added.
  • Improved the Main menu and the ESC menu for convenience.
  • Added a feature whereby you can choose to "Display Available Quest Info in the Map" from Options - Game Info.
    • Display options:
      • Only show current region
      • Show distance
  • Removed the "Medium" option from Options - Graphics Quality.
  • Your settings may have been reset due to this change.
  • [Melisara & Gene] Removed the restrictions for the below content:
    • Design: Luna Charm Rank 6, Glorious Lunagem
    • World Boss: Black Dragon
      • The Black Dragon appears on Tuesdays and Sundays at 20:30 CEST (18:30 PDT) at "Karkasse Ridgelands - Red Dragon's Keep."


  • The Furious Pet Institution event has started.
    • Event Period: Mar. 23 (after maintenance)–Apr. 13 (before maintenance)
    • You can accept the quest from "Cheering Cow" at Mirage Isle.
    • When defeating Woof Commander and Meow Commander, make sure you check on their Health.
    • Please visit the Event page for more information.
  • The ArcheLand event has started.
    • Event Period: Mar. 23 (after maintenance)–Apr. 13 (before maintenance)
    • Patron players can get "ArcheLand Coins" by participating in the event (Lv55+).
    • Gather ArcheLand Coins to exchange them for "ArcheLand Crate" at the "ArcheLand Machine."
    • You can purchase ArcheLand Coins using Credits at the Marketplace during the event.
    • Please visit the Event page for more information.
  • The Spring Update Twitch Drops event has started.
    • Event Period: Mar. 23 (after maintenance)–Apr. 17 (before maintenance)
    • Get various rewards depending on your viewing time of ArcheAge Twitch streams during the event period.
    • Please visit the Twitch Drops event page for more information.

Bug Fixes

  • Being hit by a Rooting skill or buff while gliders or wings are in flight will now remove the gliders or the wings.
  • Fixed the abnormal skill effects of Kadum's "Double Fist Hit" and "Double Fist Blow."
  • Fixed the issue where the location of the 1H Weapon was abnormal while waiting upon equipping Image Item: Sloughed Snake Minion on a female character of a certain race.
  • Added a tooltip explaining the cases where Heart of Ayanad Guardian may not be available when summoning the guardian.
  • Changed the "Healing" settings from Spelldance's Skill Stack to "Healing Skill Additional Healing."
  • Fixed the issue where animations appeared abnormal when using gliders upon using Shatigon's Authority.
  • Fixed the location of the ear accessory for the female Demon Kiss Costume of a certain race.
  • Fixed the abnormal time display from Daily Schedule - Events.
  • Fixed the issue where the result did not match the description when using a selected item.
  • Fixed the issue where the PvP skill damage tooltip did not appear in Character Info - Details.
  • Fixed the issue where moving the mouse cursor over the Location Autosave option from Functionality caused the tooltip to appear abnormal.
  • Fixed the issue where trying to upgrade a Lunagem under specific conditions caused Labor to appear abnormal and the upgrade would fail.
  • The effect of "Faint Authority of Kyrios" will no longer be removed upon death.
  • Fixed the issue where Resign did not work properly in certain situations.
  • Fixed the issue where using "Hazy Reflection" erroneously displayed the buff icon for "Faint Memory."
  • Fixed the issue where guidelines were not displayed when installing a gathered item near the "Mining Drill."
  • Fixed the issue where the camera viewpoint was abnormal in certain situations when talking to "Sutina."
  • Fixed the issue where monsters could attack you from an abnormal location.
  • Fixed the issue where an unavailable item appeared in the Auction House search box as an autocomplete word.
  • Fixed the issue where combat stance remained when dismounting a mount upon using its skill.
  • Fixed the incorrect Healing Power increase applied when equipping Nefarious Dread Necromancer's Pants.
  • Fixed the issue where mouse cursor size and color changes were not saved.
  • You can now apply the "Skill Deployment Location" option for item skills.
  • Fixed the issue where grasses of certain terrains in Reedwind were floating.
  • Unified the description "Loot Drop Rate from hunting" to "Loot Drop Rate."
  • Fixed the issue where you could not gather "Nemi Orchid" at 9 am.


Known Issues

  • We have observed an issue where playing sheet music causes the client to freeze. As a temporary measure, we have disabled the use of instruments.