Pawesome Festival

Mar 9. 2023 Events

[Event Period]

March 9 (after maintenance) - March 30 (before maintenance)

Event NPCs will disappear before maintenance


[Event Details]

During the event period, Windscour Savannah will be turned into a Peace Zone for the Pawesome Festival festivities.

  1. A Kindly Caretaker (Daily Quest)

How to Participate

    Accept the quest from Nairamdal within the festival region.


    Festival Coin x 1


  1. Frail Young Animals (Daily Quest)

How to Participate

    Receive the quest from Nairamdal and take care of the baby animals you took in from the previous quest.

    Take care of the chosen baby animal.

    See what they need based on their status.


Item Name



Used to clean the baby animals. Can be obtained from the well behind Nairamdal.

Ground Grain

Used to feed the baby animals. Process Ground Grain.

Young Animal Tonic

Medicine to heal the baby animals. Received upon accepting the quest.


    The animals are categorized as Furniture, so you can place them in your house and take care of them there.

    Each of the animals can grow into 4 different types, with different growth rates depending on how you took care of them.


    Festival Coin x 3




Young Calico Housepet

Calico Housepet

Witchy Calico Housepet

Inbox Calico Housepet

Pirate Calico Housepet

Young Seal-Point Housepet

Seal-Point Housepet

Witchy Seal-Point Housepet

Inbox Seal-Point Housepet

Pirate Seal-Point Housepet

Young Gray Tabby Housepet

Gray Tabby Housepet

Witchy Gray Tabby Housepet

Inbox Gray Tabby Housepet

Pirate Gray Tabby Housepet

Young Orange Tabby Housepet

Orange Tabby Housepet

Witchy Orange Tabby Housepet

Inbox Orange Tabby Housepet

Pirate Orange Tabby Housepet

Young Black Cat Housepet

Black Cat Housepet

Witchy Black Cat Housepet

Inbox Black Cat Housepet

Pirate Black Cat Housepet

Gray Wolfhound Puppy Housepet

Gray Wolfhound Housepet

Courageous Gray Wolfhound Housepet

Milkman Gray Wolfhound Housepet

Hotdog Gray Wolfhound Housepet

Brown Yata Calf Housepet

Brown Yata Housepet

Messenger Brown Yata Housepet

Pacified Brown Yata Housepet

Red Hood Brown Yata Housepet

Green Elk Calf

Green Elk Housepet

Sheepish Green Elk Housepet

Pink Hat Green Elk Housepet

Mouse Hat Green Elk Housepet

Welsh Corgi Pup Welsh Corgi
Pilot Corgi
Pirate Corgi
Inbread Corgi


  1. Got Ingots? (Daily Quest)

How to Participate

    Receive the quest from Ranchhand Jack, who roams the festival region with a dairy cow.


    Festival Coin x 5


  1. Animal Placement Program (Repeat Quest)

How to Participate

    You can receive the quest from Tarkir at certain times. (Quest can be completed up to 3 times per day)

    Tarkir appears at CET 13:00, 18:00, 23:00 (PST 11:00, 16:00, 21:00) and disappears after 1 hour.


    Festival Coin x 2


[Reward Crafting]


Item Name

Crafting Material

Pet Leash

Festival Coin x30

Tufted Pet Tower

Festival Coin x30

Cozy Pet Bed

Festival Coin x30

Playful Pet Cushion

Festival Coin x30

Collectible Cutout Box

Festival Coin x10

Large Crest Yata Plushie

Crest Yata Plushie + Festival Coin x25

Crest Yata Plushie

Small Crest Yata Plushie + Festival Coin x20

Small Crest Yata Plushie

Festival Coin x10

Crest Large Owl Plushie

Crest Owl Plushie + Festival Coin x25

Crest Owl Plushie

Small Owl Plushie + Festival Coin x20

Small Owl Plushie

Festival Coin x10

Yata Flute

Festival Coin x30

Decorative Yata Flute

Yata Flute + Festival Coin x10

Crest Egg

Festival Coin x30

Crest Nest

Festival Coin x30

Red Button Cushion

Festival Coin x30

Yellow Button Cushion

Festival Coin x30

Orange Polka Dot Button Cushion

Festival Coin x30

Mint Striped Button Cushion

Festival Coin x30



All Daily Quests reset at CET 23:00 (PST 21:00).

All festival event NPCs will disappear after the maintenance on March 17, 2022.

Festival items cannot be restored once they have been destroyed.

The Festival Gift Exchanger will disappear after the festival ends, but will remain on Mirage Isle.