Patch Notes - Jan 19, 2023

Jan 18. 2023 Updates


Patch Notes

Content Updates

[Content - Improvements]

Fixed the issue where NPCs would disappear when there were too many participants.

  • We have fixed the rendering issue where bosses and NPCs would disappear when there were too many participants in a certain region while playing one of the 4 main daily quest contents (Crimson Rift, Grimghast Rift, Shadowed Torch, or Weakened Tower). Affected contents are as below:
    • Crimson Rift: Hound of Kyrios
    • Grimghast Rift: Nightmare Bowstring, Nightmare Blade
    • Shadowed Torch: Ipnysh Guardian Spirit
    • We are also planning to make improvements on quest acceptance and completion NPCs where same issue is observed. However, immediately changing the relevant NPCs may result in a system overload since they have the appearance of different races, so we shall look at this issue and solve it in the near future.

Added another raid role option.

  • We have expanded the raid role options so that players can now choose a melee/ranged attacker.
    • Before: Attacker/Defender/Healer/Undecided
    • Now: Attacker (Melee)/Attacker (Ranged)/Defender/Healer/Undecided

Added a caution message regarding the cost for socketing Lunagems to the Lunagem item tooltips.

  • Based on the feedback that there have been inconveniences for players who fail to realize that the cost for socketing Lunagems increases depending on the equipment awakening rank, we have added the below caution to the Lunagem item tooltips.
  • Caution: Costs will increase depending on the equipment stage and number of Lunagems equipped.

Added a feature to activate multiple missions at once.

  • To improve upon the inconvenience of opening each mission every day, we have added the "Open All" feature to each Mission UI. Affected UIs are as below:
    • Daily Contracts/ArchePass/Family Quest/Individual Guild Mission/Hero Missions

Changed the victory condition for the Akasch Invasion.

  • Based on the feedback that the lack of participants in the Akasch Invasion made it difficult for the player's faction to attain victory, we have partially changed the victory condition for the relevant content:
    • Defeating monsters: +180 > +300 points
    • Completed the quest "Akasch Invasion": +3 > +15 points
    • Required amount of points for victory: 15,000 > 12,000 points
    • Conditions for accumulating Faction Score (Akasch) - Defeating players: +8 > +10 points
    • Please keep participating in the Akasch Invasion as we will continue managing and improving the content.

Added Product List refresh feature to Akasch Token Merchant's shop.

  • Based on the feedback that the Akasch Token Merchant's shop, which appears upon attaining victory in the Akasch Invasion, does not show the item you want, preventing you from using the shop, we have added a feature whereby you can spend "Ewan's Rune Rank 1" x1 to refresh the product list.
  • However, you can only refresh the list up to 50 times, and the refresh feature will be deactivated upon reaching the refresh count limit.


It is no longer possible to install buildings such as mailboxes or warehouses during the Black Dragon's threat.

  • Also, the Black Dragon will destroy nearby installed buildings such as mailboxes and warehouses when using certain skills.

[Melisara/Gene Server]

Unlocked the below contents for Melisara/Gene servers.

  • Design: Disciple's Awakening Scroll
  • Instance: Abyssal Library 4F, Hereafter Rebellion

Here is the content opening schedule for Melisara/Gene server.

  • The below schedule is subject to change depending on the server condition. We will continue updating the details through the patch notes.
    • Feb. 2
      • Design: Luna Charm Rank 5
      • Black Dragon
      • Farmhand Max Level Cap Removed
      • Alliance (Exile)
    • March
      • Siege


Bug Fixes

Fixed the issue where you could not sell the Coupe and Tulip Weapon Crate at the shop.

Fixed the issue where you could stop Dance of Sacrifice from casting with Dahuta's Breath: Mist.

Fixed the issue where some pets jumped abnormally high in a certain situation.

Fixed some typos from the Arena description for the 10th anniversary event "Ahnimar Sporty Day."

Fixed the issue where the constellation NPC at Mirage Isle had disappeared.

We have fixed the issue where you could sometimes gain the "Arena Deserter Punishment" debuff at the Golden Plains Battle lobby.

We have fixed the issue where you were sometimes moved to the starting point with the "Cannot jump until the end" effect applied during the Ahnimar Sporty Day.



The "ArcheAge X NOUHAUS" promotion event has started.

The Lunar New Year event "Bonnie Needs Dumplings" has started.

The 10th anniversary event "Jake's Banquet Cruise" has started.

  • Improved the way in which the 10th anniversary Banquet Cruise event is held.
    • Igniting fireworks 100 times will now start the Banquet Cruise.
    • Characters will no longer collide with each other at the Banquet Hall.
    • Fixed the issue where untimely message would appear during the fireworks.

Improved the 10th anniversary event "Ahnimar Sporty Day."

  • Changed the total duration of the event to 7 minutes.
  • Cancelling the queue during Arena matchmaking will apply an Instance entry penalty.

You can now obtain multiple "Eternal Enhancer Crates (provided from the 10th anniversary event)" at once when using this item.



You can now move to Skills - Proficiency screen directly through the notification that appears when reaching max Proficiency.