Patch Notes - Dec 22, 2022

Dec 21. 2022 Updates

Patch Notes

Content Updates


Added Title: God Killer.


Bug Fixes

  • Hero's Flag can no longer be used in the Eastern Hiram Mountains.
  • You can no longer enter instances during Suspicious Activity Detected, Notorious Felon, and Permanent Jailbreak Traces states
  • Fixed the issue where a certain vehicle was summoned in the Miroir Tundra.
  • Added more details to Sport Fishing related to the Invitation to Snowfang Isle event.
  • Fixed the issue where you could not progress the "United We Fight" quest if you complete the "Sowing Bodies" quest first.
  • Fixed the issue where the Fish-Find Longliner sometimes did not create Cranes.
  • Fixed the issue where you could reach abnormal areas in the Ipnysh Sanctuary dungeon.
  • Fixed the issue where the Chessboard and Chess Board furniture would be returned to its original owner upon trading a building.
  • Fixed the issue where the "Whack Mandragora" quest could not be progressed.
  • Fixed the issue where collecting the same items from the mailbox did not stack them.
  • Removed the display of the "Song of a Warrior" achievement.
    • Achievements already obtained will still be displayed.
  • Using a Type Conversion Scroll on Exalted Hiram Guardian Equipment will no longer change their Synthesis Effects.



Changed the "Winter Maiden Festival" quest time to CET 23:30, 13:30, 18:30 (PST 21:30, 11:30, 16:30).

The Merchant Workbench results during the Winter Maiden Festival are now more visible.

  • Ice Pedestal Box
    • Use to obtain Ice Pedestal x1 and Festival Coin x10.


Christmas Double the Gain Event has started (24th Dec UTC 00:00 ~ 26th Dec UTC 23:59, Excluding Fresh Start server).