8th Anniversary Celebration Event

Sep 14. 2022 Events

Dear Inheritors,


We've prepared an event to celebrate the 8th anniversary of ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained.

Please check the below notice for more details.


1. 8th Anniversary: Make a Splash

  The 8th Anniversary Make a Splash event has begun.


2. Make a Splash Patron & Subscription Lucky Draw

  How to Participate: Participate in the Drenching Arena 1 time between Sep 15 (after maintenance) to Sep 22 (before maintenance) for auto-entry.

  Winners Announcement: 40 winners on Sep 26 (Mon)

  Reward Distribution: During the Sep 29 (Thu) maintenance to the Web Inventory as coupons





10 Players

10 Players


10 Players

10 Players


Patron (30 Days)

Subscription (30 Days)

3. 8th Anniversary Gifts

  The below gifts will be sent to all players via mail or marketplace who log in between Sep 16 06:00 UTC–Sep 17 05:59 UTC.

  8th Anniversary Giftbox x1 (mail)

  8th Anniversary Cake Hat x1 (mail)

  Bound Serendipity Stone x1 (Marketplace)


4. Discord Event: The forgotten adventurer's journey

  Event period: 14th September ~ 17th September


  ACT 1: Crate Astral Weapon Image

  ACT 2: Image  Item: White Night Kitsu

  ACT 3: Image Item: Costume Designed by North America Design Contest Winner

  ACT 4:  Powerstone Pet Arcane Snowflake

   Please check the detail information on our Discord!


Thank you for your love and support for ArcheAge.