Stance on alt usage and abuse

Jul 14. 2022 Announcements


Greetings Inheritors!


Ever since taking over the publishing rights of ArcheAge, we have been working on making this game a more fair and enjoyable experience by battling exploits and abuse. 

Over the course of the past few months, we have come to see that our initial communication in regards to the usage of alt accounts may have been too unclear and has caused some confusion over what is acceptable and what is not. 

Due to the unpredictable nature of exploits as they are discovered, it is not possible for us to give an extensive all-inclusive list of infractions. Instead, we wish to clarify the general intent and reasoning behind our policies and actions.


What is acceptable

Players are allowed to create multiple accounts and play them normally. For example, players may want to have multiple accounts to try out more different classes, use as extra storage, use for entertainment purposes or to help build the houses of their dreams. [1]
Of course, couples or different players playing together from the same location are allowed as well.


What is considered abuse or exploitative behavior [1]

  • Using alts to mass-obtain more than the intended amount of giveaway/event items per player
  • Using alts to gain a considerable unfair advantage over other players, for little effort
  • Using alts to bypass intended in-game restrictions, or restrictions applied by our policies
  • Using alts for the express purpose of disturbing others and their gameplay

As an example, using alts of the opposite faction to disturb the Risopoda world event, which is intended to be a safe non-faction disputed event, would be considered abuse and is something we will be actioning as of today.


Actions taken against alt abuse and exploitative behavior will depend on a case-by-case investigation of the situation, and could range from a warning, to a temporary suspension or permanent ban, on either the alt(s) and/or the main account(s) of the abusing player.


[1] This list is not all-inclusive and exceptions can apply.