Banwave - July 7, 2022

Jul 5. 2022 Announcements


To make this game a more fair and enjoyable experience for all players, we’ve been continuing our work against nefarious activity and abusers.


In the past week, we have applied a 72 hour suspension + gold/gear wipe to 21 accounts (*):



4 accounts


6 accounts


9 accounts


2 accounts


(*) This number does not include previously permabanned accounts that have now been converted to a temporary suspension + wipe.


We wish to remind you that if something feels unintended, it’s safer not to get involved if you wish to protect your account. Resist the temptation to purchase “services” from advertisers you may see online or in-game. These services are against the Terms Of Use. They are also generally fraudulent and will use illegitimate methods - even if they claim not to - to achieve whatever they advertise.


Remember, play fair and play safe!