Patch Notes - July 07, 2022

Jul 6. 2022 Updates

[Content Updates]

      Improved the Garden of the Gods Teleport Stone.

      To improve upon the inconvenience of carrying 4 stones (or 3 depending on usage) for the Garden of the Gods, we've combined them into 1 stone, which can be used to travel to all 4 locations.

The previous 4 stones will no longer be available and will be replaced by the new stone.

      Moreover, you can change the old stones into the new travel stone at the Salvage Forge of Mirage Isle in bulks of 10, 50, and 100.

      Increased the max stack number of the below item.

      The maximum stack for Fortune Box was increased from 100 to 1,000 stacks.

      We will continue to monitor and improve the maximum number of stacks for the items.

      Improved the tooltip of the Transmuter.

      We've received feedback that there wasn't enough information on what was reset when recloaking equipment via the Transmuter, so we've added a caution to the tooltip, showing you the details on what is reset.

      Added Naval Arena: Stillwater Gulf.

      This is a season arena available until before the August 4 maintenance, and can be accessed daily between 15:00–23:00 CEST (13:00–21:00 PDT).

      Improved the rank rewards given at the end of seasons. (Rank 1–100 rewards)

   Final 1st place player of the season arena will receive the Ruler of the Sea: Ultimate chest.

   Ruler of the Sea: Ultimate: Kyrios Badge x500, Turtlecraft Totem x1, Enoan Galleon Blueprint Fragment x100, 30-Day Ultimate Bloodsalt Bay Figurehead Crate x1

   Rewards for rankings between August 1–4 will not be distributed.


      Abyssal Kraken, the awakening of the Kraken, was added.

      Please see here for more details on the Abyssal Kraken.

      Changed Siege Risopoda as below.

      Shoot Acid

   HP consumption increased from 5% to 30%.

      Siege Risopoda

   Added the below limitations due to the mechanic body.

      Received Healing -70%

      Cannot apply Resurgence

      Cannot apply Renewal

      Cannot apply Mend: Wave

      Cannot apply Mana Barrier

      July ArchePass (Basic) was added to ArcheAge: Unchained.

      Increased combat stats and improved the skills of Archers placed at the faction bases of the Great Prairie of the West.

      Players who enter bases of hostile factions will now have their physical and magical skills locked and have their ATK and DEF decreased.


[Known Bugs]

    We are aware of the issue where some of the in-game texts are displayed in a language different to your settings.


[Bug Fixes]

      Fixed the issue where the alternate appearances for Spotless Service Uniform, Classic Service Uniform, Naval Service Uniform, and Prim Service Uniform could not be applied.

      Fixed the issue where using the Blue Salt Hammer opened the Open Chest UI.

      Fixed the issue where demolishing the Guild Residence due to tax default did not distribute part of the price of the Guild Residence design as Guild Prestige.

      Fixed the issue where the Demolition Notice was not sent upon Guild Residence demolition.

      Fixed the incorrect Mobilization Orders Used and Leadership information in the Mission Status guide.

      Fixed the issue where defeating Akasch forces increased Akasch Faction Points during Akasch Invasion at Ipnya Ridge.