Patch Notes - June 9, 2022

Jun 8. 2022 Updates

Patch Notes


[Content Updates]

    Improved the Weekly Quests of Ipnya Ridge. 

     The required hostile animal kills for completing the Hostile Wildlife quest was changed from 150 to 100 hostile animals. The required number of strong members you need to defeat to complete the Abyssal Nuisances quest was changed from 150 to 100 strong members and the number of elite members you need to defeat was changed from 15 to 10 elite members.

    Improved the entry capacity for Akasch Invasion. 

     To improve the issue where it was difficult to participate in the Akasch Invasion due to the entry limits, we increased the entry capacity for the Nuia Faction and Haranya Faction from 150 to 200, and increased the entry capacity for the Pirate Faction from 50 to 80.

    Resolved an issue with the cutscene which plays when participating in the Akasch Invasion. 

     There were reports about disconnection and lag issues when the cutscene for the Akasch Invasion plays. Therefore we removed the problematic cutscene.

    The maximum stacks for the items below were increased from 100 to 1,000 stacks. 

     All Pouches

     Certain machine part designs

     Unidentified Pet Accessory Infusion

     Infusion Supply Kit (three different types)

   We will continue to monitor and improve the maximum number of stacks for the items.

    The opening time for the items below were reduced to 0.5 sec, and their cooldown time was removed. 

     Timewinder Token

     Divine Key Box

     Bound Worn Costume

    Further improvements were implemented for the Faction change system and Hero system. 

     The daily Cumulative Leadership points obtainable per character through Reputation was adjusted from 50 to 10 points. The daily limit of how many times the characters can get the points will remain at 10 times.

     We are planning to implement a 2nd round of improvements for the Exile and Hero system. We are planning on improving the voter criteria and evaluation criteria in the future.


[Bug Fixes]

    Fixed the issue where the quest dialogue was unnatural in the Preparing Many Talents quest.

    Fixed the issue where rewards for the Dreaming Cow quest was distributed abnormally in certain situations.