Announcements May 12. 2022

Update on Previous Exploit Sanctions

Greetings Inheritors

Over the course of our service, one of our goals has been to ensure a fair experience for all of our players. In order to accomplish this, we have taken a tough stance on exploits, use of 3rd party software and RMT.

One of the earliest exploits during the Fresh Start colloquially known as ‘Panty Gate’ resulted in the permanent ban of many accounts. Whilst it was clear to us that this was an unintended use of mechanics and the steps involved in this process were obviously exploitative, we’ve been reviewing the stance that we took during that incident to determine if our actions were correct and in the best interests of the ArcheAge community.

The conclusion of the review is that although the player's actions were deemed to be an exploit,  we feel that a permanent ban was overly harsh in this instance considering the long history of ArcheAge.

As a long time has passed since then, and the imbalance that was originally caused during this exploit has been nullified by the given suspensions and removal of exploited underwear, we have decided that it is safe to remove the bans on these affected accounts and finally restore their access to the ArcheAge service.

Alt accounts created for the purpose of the exploit will remain banned, so in the event that your account has not been unbanned, please submit a ticket to our GM team in order to have your case reviewed.

Since the conclusion is that a violation of the Terms of Use did still occur, no compensation will be provided for lost playtime.

We will continue our tough stance on exploiting, botting and cheating in all of its forms, but we will endeavour to look wider and apply fairer sanctions in the future.

ArcheAge Team